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No!!! Not like that. I am not anti IIT. This just caught my attention!
And talking of IIT, I met an extradordinary gentleman today. A rare combination of sinful brilliance and jaw-dropping 'sociable' quotient. The city's top lawyer, he is genuinely amiable and well disposed, something which is a rarity when it comes to people of his experience, exclusivity and status. During the interaction he had his audience's arrested to their seats and I sat there, excited like a kindergarten kid, as he spoke effortlessly about all those stuff I desperately mugged during graduation. (Deivame! On kaala koncham kaami!!) I love these opportunities. Never miss a chance to catch the shadow of a genius like him! After all one doesn't need to be 'Caveat Emptor' and to intend puns, this particular post does not have a title!
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  1. Deep Says:

    Who are we talking about ???!!! TN Seshan .. I know that he did do an IAS but not too sure about the lawyer part... and talking about IIT ... hope you didn't mean any one from the paritrana gang... LOL

  2. No Alpha, not TNS, but definitely someone of his calibre and charm!

    And I wasnt talking of Paritran at all! Just found it wierdly funny!!! And since I did post against them earlier, this was a disclaimer of sorts!!

  3. ennoda IIT t-shirt, how did it reach there??

  4. Hey, didnt you distribute these t-shirts when you campaigned for them?! Marandhitiya?!!

  5. Hey ,

    I just thought of writing to you personally, but did not find your email id on the web...

    "No!!! Not like that. I am not anti IIT."

    Does this mean that this T-shirt should not be used by a person seen in the photo.

    Nothing written in offence...

    Cheers - Ranjith

  6. Ignorance is bliss...

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    The search has just begun !!!

  7. Anonymous Says:

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