Aishwarya Rao
Today's fortune:
The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do
15 Responses
  1. Rajesh Says:

    Yep...This is 700 % right and I feel adrenalin pumping when people say that *you* can't do something!! That is definetely how I feel. Pleasure it is...the fruit of the activity holds for us

    and yes I am not talking about the *mission impossible* type of activities though!!!


  2. sagaro Says:

    ... in bed.

    Ok kidding. It's a game: you take ur orkut fortune and append 'in bed' to it. It way too hilarious.

    Damn only blogspot users can comment... everyone hates wordpress or what?

  3. @ GAPP,
    Everyone hates wordpress. We are letting wordpress be coz there are some unbelievably hot blogs like yours...Damn!

  4. @ Rajesh
    At the cost of sounding corny, here goes something I read (prob in chicken soup for the soul!) I am here -
    To dream the impossible dreams
    To bear the unbearable sorrows
    To beat the unbeatable foes
    To Take the road, the brave never dare to go...

  5. sagaro Says:

    Well, you still arent allowing wordpress. I still see your blog doesnt allow people who dont have a blgospot account to comment.

    Neways, now that you are bunking office and coming for the bloggers meet... I feel its necessary to remind you the dress code :P

  6. Sheks Says:

    you cannot meet me some day!

  7. @ GAPP

    Right I am gonna be following the dress code!!!

  8. @ Sheks

  9. @Sheks - Sorry bulb..ippo purunjuduthu!!!

  10. Why do I have a feeling that this blog is becoming like Orkut??

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  11. Hi Aishwarya, incase you tranfer some of ur pics and the video(which I belive you took),Pls do send them to my personal mail id. You can find that at my blogger profile or orkut profile.


  12. sagaro Says:

    How come there wasnt a PS saying: "and Shuleka blogs lets you tranfer pics quickly, so you can mirror your site there"

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