Aishwarya Rao

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  1. Really enjoyed the pics... the text in the picture really seemed to convey it all.Good one...

  2. Hey , pls do link me in ur chennai bloggers links..

    here goes

    Kartik Kannan

    and I shall do the same on my site too..

  3. sagaro Says:

    How come these no text scandal with Kartik Kannan :p

    Ok Am flicking these p[ics and putting it up in my blog... Not that I want to claim it as mine... Just that want to maintain the repository... Pliss dont mind.

  4. S Says:

    wow!! rotfl!! texts are super!! :D

    and watz with last pic?!! :O =))

  5. my god i never new i can act ........villana naaana? ayyo saami....
    btb this is kausik ;) (kausikram = mark isuak)

  6. and yup please link me up, and bothack as well ;)

  7. KK

    Linked up ma!!!Nee indha maadhiri, really seemed to convey it all nu solli touch pannadhe..poi velaya paaru...go go spam everyone!!

  8. GAPP - Indha maadhiri thirudaradhu enna pudusaana? Po Po.. your 'DR' sister must be waiting for you ;)

  9. Suraksha, idhu enna pudhu galatta. That was GAPP's plot to get back @ me!!

  10. Kaushik,

    Perule, da vinci code veraya?!!! Thu!!

    Lol! anyways have linked you. As Chaos Buddha. BUTTOCK lam link panna mudiyaadhu!!! hehe

  11. sagaro Says:

    Damage. Buttok... pah-lease. Its a marketting blog... :p *hint*

    I attributed the photos I flicked to you... I am getting extra traffic... you must actually thank me with an italian ice soda. But I will not pester... you can ask Kartik, if Saar agrees then you can treat me... :p

    Who is my De AR sis. you a? Ok big sishta... I am free. Tell me wat you want? :p

  12. Sheks Says:

    kartik pinnaadiyaa 3 girls??actual-aa enakku pinnadi thaan andha moonu school girls sitting :)

  13. Sheks - Romba feel time we will have a seating arrangement in such a way that all girls are right behind you!!!

  14. Dei Gapp!!!

    Marketing Bloglam illa ma idhu..its basically suffering from identity crisis! But to damage Buttok - Any time!!!

    Aana modhala unna damage pannanum..Nee oru kukumam maadhiri...illadhadha sensationalize panraya? Ivalo revenge just for pointing out something very innocently!!!

  15. sagaro Says:

    For pointing out innocently. Dude I point out innocently in private... not in front of 24 bored bloggers waiting to get a fun fact about me :P

  16. sagaro Says:

    And if Gizmodo is markettign bloig...then why isnt buttock.. afterall everyone has one :p

  17. @GAPP - Fun Fact a onnoda kaadhulaya solvaanga? What other way to break the mouna vritham that we were all keeping?
    And what was it once again, you comparing it with Gizmodo?!!

  18. sagaro Says:

    Dont insult bothack. You better add it... ok pliss add it.

    See you are contradicting yourself. First u say innocently pointed it out, then u say fun fact kaathi solanum. Spirit peeyo or clear ho ja

  19. @GAPP - Yah right I a contradicting myself! I simply pointed out a fun fact innocently and you make it sound as if its the end of the world. Now cmon you have to live with will be spoken in the 896th Chennai Bloggers' meet that happens and you will be a legend

  20. sagaro Says:

    Adi paavi damage... Ok ok. Will try some damage control tactics:

    Saw the Evam play?

  21. Well...I do have a name called Kartik :-) , atha laan wututu enna peru ithu spammer... :-)

    wokay...this is a request to have the name changed to something more clickable on my link for folks landing ion ur page....

    wat say ?

  22. Sheks Says:

    "Nanbargal" category-lirundhu enna thooki bloggers meet category-la pottuttenga?i've known u b4 the meet.