Aishwarya Rao

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  1. Ganesh APP Says:

    I knew you desparately wanted to get back at me... :p

  2. Ravages/CC Says:

    Ah, I missed it haven't I? A good, crowded blogger's meet

  3. Did anyone else take pics? I wanna c the other side of the story :)

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  4. Sheks Says:

    enakku teriyaama enna photo eduthathu unga vela thaana!

    LOL. :-)

  5. varsha Says:

    Haha! Good ones!!:D

  6. Great pics!! Thanks for putting them up!

  7. Raghuveeran Says:

    was tat sagaro's end??...where did he go...hell(100GB free space available) r heaven(no vacancy)??...

    i saw his other face in orkut-->(dhanya ramesh)...thnx for that info..

  8. Ramanujam Says:

    cool tags for the pics.....
    that dhanya info was kicked by sagaro;)

  9. looks was suposed to be there....anyways...always a next time is there

  10. Ganesh APP Says:

    Good you werent there. I mean imagine what would an unmarried/single/uncommited person have undergone, when he was accused of looking like a girl... in front of you...

    Sad isnt it? Well thanx for the sympathy empathy and the other shit. It happens. Dont worry next time we invite you, we chuck the princess out.

    @Raghu and Rama:
    Watchout, Kartik tension ana somebody gonna get a hurt real bad!!!

  11. GAPP! Desperation lam nee dhaan ma...naa illa

  12. Thailava Chood!!

    For some reason I thought I could meet you there!!! You must have come. Innum jolly ya irundhirkum!!!

  13. RA

    You can look @ the other side in GAPP/Spammer's link!

    Chennai Based Singapore Bloggers could have also joined. Only AnnaNagar Bloggers were not allowed!!

  14. Sheks - Ninga Asin na? Naanga ongala padam pidika koodatha?!

  15. @ Me - Are you sure your not from Anna Nagar/ Valasarwakkam?

  16. Ganesh APP Says:

    Despo me? lol. Ok ok free. Will let you live with the satisfaction that you screwed me.

  17. Kaju!

    Looks like you guys stayed back much after we left...Hope GAPP didnt eat your head off too much!!

  18. Raghuveer,

    Pleasure was all mine...Ore clean Bold Gapp!! Muhahaha..romba pesinan chinna payan...

  19. Ramanujam!!! Hey I cant place you. Where were u seated?!!

  20. Ganesh APP Says:

    I didnt eat anyones head off. I was calm and composed most of the time, letting you guys speak. I only listened to all your stuff...

    Oh and the clean bold thing was sad. Pah-lease!

  21. @ Sophie.. I know its a lot of fun and there is always another time...Next time unnum sooopera irukkum!!! Kandipa va!!!

  22. Dei GAPP,

    Poda.Poi padi. Illa andha buttock la edhadhu pannu...chumma dont scare bloggers away like this!!

    They say in this world 7 people look alike..Onnada kashta kallam you resemble another lady!!

    Idhuku ivalo scena?!!

  23. Kartik Says:

    Wish Vareun Rajiev would turn up on the scene. Thanks for the satisfactionnnn Ash!

    Which didn't come out at all the way it was supposed to sound ;-)

  24. Ganesh APP Says:

    Ok patti, poi padikiren. Ana ippo holidays. Buttock is all chikna. So pliss...

    Ya true we also met a female look alike of you at Evam. by 'we' as in: Kausik, Sandhya, Hamsini and me...

  25. @TK
    its Satissssssfaccccttttiiiiionnnnnnnnnnn!!! hehe..wonder what he has to say..for all we know he is googling for those N M Girls he was talking about finding on Gapps and other relevant sites!! muhahaha

  26. Ganesh APP Says:

    Damn you... the NM stuff no longer exists...

  27. @GAPP!!

    See your this little kid who cant get over the topic...ok thankfully atleast the lady ur talking abt is a she! And dont think I am gonna be Oh-i-am-so-curious-to-know about who she is!!!

    (btw was it neeti from Times?)

  28. Gapp, you mean NM itself or NM on your site?!

  29. Ganesh APP Says:

    The NM stuff in my site is gone. I dotn know who she is and all. I am pretty serious. Kausik and I were walking, I saw this female and yelled out "Aishwarya Rao".. she turned back and I was like lets fuck out of here. And not to be rude I asked her "Do I know you" and she was like NOOOOOOOOO. And we scooted.

    Later we found she and her bf were sitting right in front of me... On sad experience...

  30. Ganesh APP Says:

    Adi paavi, kid huh? insult.

  31. GAPP!

    ok like thaat!!! nee kid illapa, kadhai katardhule king!!!

  32. Ganesh APP Says:

    Ok thats sarcastic. But being the pure person at heart that I am, I will take it as a complement :p

  33. Aha!!!

    Complement vaangarthuku oru chance vida maatingale!!!

  34. Ganesh APP Says:

    this is getting lame... will catch up with you in yahoo...

    (I cant give you satisfacccctttion of fifty comments for this post :p)

  35. @GAPP! Was abt to say this is becoming as pointless as Orkut scraps!! Anyways...I am not looking @ any kind of satissssfaaaaaccccctionnnn from these posts...will expect when I put yours and DR's pic up and prove my point!! tata

  36. Raytracer Says:

    Hey! The comment I posted yeaterday is missing! Anyway, great photos and even better though bubbles - Lovely post!
    And bunking classes? In the middle of my 3 month long summer vacation??? (Longer than those of anybody else i know... :D)

  37. Hey... Cool pics! And thanks for the Dhanya info... will check it out! :)

  38. Ramanujam Says:

    the one on the right of kribs....
    sitting baaaa in the "illa cycle ottalama" pic!!!!!

  39. Sheks Says:

    i didnt mean tht.u cud have shot a better-looking face.

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