Aishwarya Rao
My room garlanded with streamers, balloons popping out from weird angles, flashy but crisp papery stuff coiling all over the ceiling, round and inviting chocolate cake with whipped cream, choco sticks and creamy chewy stuff pleasantly wishing 'Happy Birthday Ash', party poppers, two 2 candles placed delicately over the cake (burning in some unspoken thrill) white Santa cap that finally found an owner, calls from near and dear ones, hugs & kisses from the nearest and dearest, not so cliché gifts, web camming the midnight celebration…this is one of my most celebrated birthday moment in a long while. (Remember RA, last time I spent the day with 'M' in a blasted meeting!)After what seemed to be ages, I finally turned 22! a & you know who shared this historic moment. hehe (Thanks guys for all the loads of fun!)

Missed (globe-trotter) Mom. Enjoyed wearing new clothes and shoes. Forgot to make resolutions, Spent more than an hour on Orkut replying to some freak-ass 300 budday wishes! Felt nice when boss said “The whole office seems to be excited about your birthday”, Laughed heartily over pizzas, pastas and pepsi, Cried coz I felt weird, Wished some of you were here (Yes Ash, Ami, Abhi, Navin, Ramya, Sush, Sesh…why you guys so far away?!), Loved the attention, Smiled for the longest time in a while, Prayed that the year ahead must be as exciting and more, Hogged on Paati’s vendakai special and now blogging with little feeling of having grown up in life!!!

Relishing this moment, looking forward to more celebrations this year, but shooore don’t wanna grow up!

Coz they say a picture is worth a 1000 words, I will spare you the trouble of reading a looooong self obsessed essay!

Oh btw, next budday celebration in Santa Maria! Wanna join ?

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  1. ahem ahem waiting for it...:)

  2. Sheks Says:

    vijay tv-la programme preview mathiri irukku!

  3. Kaps Says:

    belated birthday wishes!

  4. whatever it is, u r doin a good job of advertising it ;)

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    The search has just begun !!!

  5. avronea Says:

    vendakkai!!!you had??? waaaaaaaaaaahhhh

  6. Seems like u had a great blast! Ensoy maadi! Let the year ahead be as thrilling as your birthday was!

    Recollecting, my life changed forever, after my 22nd bday.. :)

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    The search has just begun !!!

  7. avronea Says:

    and akshaya looks gorgeous!!!!

  8. Shree Says:

    thalaivi... kalakkungo po!'

  9. @ Kaps - Thanks ba

  10. @RA - Hmmm...ivalo varshamava?!!

    @Ranji - Yes yummy yummy vendakaai..come home someday and aksh is my beauty queen absolutely

    @Shree - yaaru mangala maam daughter a dee?

  11. Shree Says:

    ammam.... my name is srilakshmi aka shree :P

  12. nakkala... A lot of people are surprised that I am 20+. Infact, some think Im just in LKG due to my extraordinary poetic 'skills' :P

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    The search has just begun !!!