Aishwarya Rao
...had there been reservations!

Ekalavya would have gained admission as Drona's student. He would have beaten Arjun to become the world's greatest archer. Highly disappointed and thoroughly helpless, Arjun would have sought admission under a much more expensive Guru, Parasurama. Consequently he would have lead a miserable life after being admitted in a school of archery that not only cost him more but also wasn’t in the recognized list of schools to participate in Draupadi's Swayamwara. Arjun would have never met Draupadi and she would have never been Paanchali.

In the meanwhile Ekalavya would have lost his right thumb, brought all his tribal colleagues into the school, participated in the Swayamwara, married Draupadi and lived happily ever after!!!


Arjun Singh is sitting and farting in his chair while the anti-reservation agitation is raging in the country. What is the government suggesting? That we pay further for the blasted atrocities that Drona committed 1000 years ago? There are adequate if not grossly overflowing reservation policies in the education system already. If the OBC's can’t make it into a 'prized' stream on their own MERIT (read acquiring the expected/accepted cut off mark/%) then TOO BAD.

Really, looking at the pace of the current agitation, the government might be letting things go too far. If you observe the map carefully, there are already a couple of southern states who have either remained neutral or have shown full support to Arjun Singh in this noble cause like our good old Tamil Nadu (a state which is forehead deep in casteism and is now strongly held by a political party that favors the elevation of the so called lower castes!). Given this rate the protests will grow several monster heads. Yes, there will be Muslim, Christian, Hindu, North Indian, South Indian, Tamil, Brahmins, Iyer, Vadama,Iyengar, Vellala, Rich, Poor, (unfortunately) middle class, male, female, others, losers and the government will be successful in duplicating the British administrative model of Divide and Rule. The politicians of this country will screw us upside down and we will orgasm at the end of it all (in pain or pleasure would depend) because we happily voted for them all.

Reminds me of what Roosevelt said, "A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education he may steal the whole railroad". Go ahead and give them 90% reservation. We will after all protest now, get hit, and shot at, beaten and arrested. Then we will pay for the sin of voting you to power. For all your political games - Hum Hai na. (Guinea Pigs).Hum Hai na.
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  1. Soooooooper !!

  2. nandini Says:

    Completely share your frustration with the whole system. Used to make me see red when ppl with really low marks get into really good colleges through reservations while the rest of us fought over the 10% of seats that are finally left for the so called 'FC'.

  3. Karta Says:

    I too share your feelings (maybe not so strong). I don't understand on what basis have they decided to give reservation - have they done a survey on how many of the BC study beyond 3rd class, how many reach to 8th class, how many study beyond 10th class!! I feel it is important for the government to promote the need of education at the early age (not by giving reservation but maybe reducing their fees, etc). Have they done a survey on how many people would stop studying bachelors because they do not have reservation? I doubt if any would.
    What would happen if a mother always spoon-feeds her kid, will it ever learn to eat? No.

  4. Sheks Says:

    Why are the students protesting?They want the issue to be brought into the cabinet.They want a solution sooner.

    Maramanda singh says he's ready to hold talks with the students.But what can the poor protesting students do if they are lathicharged at?

    adutha election-liyaavadhu congress-kku aapu vekkanum.

  5. Rajagopalan Says:


  6. OBC, XBC, YBC, NBC, ABC ellam varum. Wish I lived in BC (Before Caste).

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  7. Sid,

    Enna soooper? Edhavadhu protest aarambikanam namma city la. So what if we are not from any of the prized streams? We must stop this country from getting wasted da. But guess what we will do, we will finally accept things and spend time, effort, money going abroad looking for opportunities. Cha.Manasu kekkala ma

  8. Nandy,

    Even in Harry Potter, muggle blooded Hermoine doesnt get in through quota dee. She gets in coz she is good. Damn good. When it doesnt happen even in fiction why should we let it happen in reality. But you know what after a point this will die down. We will zip our lips and accept our blasted fate. We will continue to vote for aiadmk, dmk and expect a miracle to happen!!!

  9. Why Karta?

    Why dont you have strong feelings towards this issue? Are you not a doc/eng? Have you crossed the entrance stage? Do you belong to the set of people who get in through reservations and not by merit? Arjun singh is stating that there is a quota for Rajputs thats coming up. So the un-reserved class will spend time and money converting themselves into Rajputs in order to compete with the madness the government is imposing! How cant you feel strongly against this? Even if you are from the category of people who are eligible for reservations, shouldnt you protest against taking the easy way out?!!

  10. No SHEKS,

    We are used to alternate ruling by the two strong parties in the country. We wont vote for change. We will either commit suicide or get killed. We can never fight back as a force, coz we are all inherently divided. We are born divided. There can never be solutions to problems that we have created on our own.

  11. Rajagopalan,

    Again what you are suggesting is looking at the other end of the tunnel. Cant we ever look at getting out of the tunnel itself? The moment I say this you will suggest a Lok Paritran which purely won votes on its members being from IIT!!! Cant we have able, qualified adminstrators? Only now the plaaning commission is recruiting interns from the IIM's. Things will start to develop only when there is administration, not politics.

  12. RA

    Correcta sonna...Only when we throw out the Blasted Class of Politicians with personal agendas out of the system will some amount of sanity prevail. Karunanidhi was inspecting the Kannagi statue to reinstall it. This will never end. They are come to power to redress the policies put in place by the previous government and we are the ones solely resposible for stirring this vicious circle.

  13. subversion Says:

    Really enjoyed reading this one ash..done with your characteristic stroke of other great men have told you in the past, "not bad at all" :)

  14. My life Says:


    with due respects to your anger i earnestly submit that reservation is a much needed thing in our lop sided democracy. have u ever seen the road side kudukudupaikaran or the irulas tribe? do u think that they can ever come up in their life without any reservation or support from the govt?
    may be we can categorize on the basis of poor sc/st/mbc. let the rich sc try them on their own.
    ofcourse definition of rich and poor will complicate the problem again. anyway may be atleast for another 20 - 30 yrs reservation for the lower castes is a must.