Aishwarya Rao
With gradually increasing health consciousness and environmental issues strangling multinationals, the colas of the world are beginning to lose their fizz... While it might be ages before these colas are banned, the companys are sure gearing up to the future. Atleast Pepsi Co is. The other day I came to know their Cheetos is now largely made with soy proteins...and now this!

I am happy that they have some concerns in life other than how to make dogs, cats and rats drink colas!
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  1. Sheks Says:

    must try it.

  2. REFLEX Says:

    Good to know. They hav to adopt these stratergies to be in the market.
    We r not fools ;) like Big Bs. These company can no longer fool us with all ads.

  3. The "concerns" you are referring to are probably market gimmicks. "Diet coke" is just a fancy word to say...will still kill you but jus takes little longer :)

  4. Sheks - I am sure there is only same difference ;)!!!

  5. Reflex!

    Or so we would like to believe. In a multi country research commissioned by a leading organization it was revealed that 82% of Indians prefer taste over health! As against 29% Chinese amd 43% Australians!!!

    At this rate we are fooling but ourselves!

  6. Hey serious frivolous, I came to understand from a reliable source that these cola guys wanna shed the image of being this 'marketing gimmick' as you call it...

  7. Ya Princess...In fact I work for an FMCG which is getting into some thing similar to this....wanna promote the feeling that they "care".

  8. Kaps Says:

    most of these variants and brand extensions have failed to make a mark. they should promote more of tropicana if they are really serious.

  9. REFLEX Says:

    ohhh appadiya matter. I agree that we go by tastes than the nutritious value.

  10. Don't really know how much of the content is really going to change. Coca Cola tried the same with Diet Coke, Sprite Zero etc and failed miserable.

    Personally its Dabur's Real all the way!

  11. Its sad seeing no posts from u for almost 10 days. Anywayz, whats today's special? ;)

    Happy Birthday!

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