Aishwarya Rao

Arvind Swamy in his first film (as lead hero) Roja.

Arvind Swamy,in NDTV's election feature "Chennai Talks to Barkha".

Epdi irundha avaru ipdi ayitare!!!
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  1. Idhukku thaan overa jollu uda koodathu nu solradhu :P

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    The search has just begun !!!

  2. RA- Arvind Swamy in Dalapathi and Leo filter Coffee Ad...epdi daav adikaama irukardhu?!!!

  3. Kartik Says:


    He's reduced to this state!!

    Never thot , never did...

    Sheesh man..

  4. Oh yes karthik...

    he is now the former actor..former handsome man...

    aiyo...i miss the dalapathi/roja/bombay arvind swamy..he used to be so handsome!!!

  5. Time and Age wait for none.. For our cinema stars, their popularity shows in the proportional increase in their X axis. And their age shows in the bloated cheeks filled with cheese. Even Aish Rai isnt an exception :P

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    The search has just begun !!!

  6. vishy Says:

    surprised to see this guys transformation.... seeing that Alaipayuthe came in 4 or 5 yrs back.. I still wonder if that can make such a huge difference...

  7. REFLEX Says:

    Roja got released around 1993 and its now 2006, it is obvious. But ASwamy could hav maintained his body well.

  8. RA

    Yechaatly macha.

    First they will look gorgoeus..they will do films and then when they grow fat and ugly they will switch to serials and game shows.

  9. Vishy...

    Hard to believe that this is the same guy in Roja/Bombay..just because he is not an actor anymore and is running his own business doesnt mean he must stop maintaing his bod and look ugly like this!!!

    aiyo nenju valikardhu

  10. Reflex

    Hemamalini and Rekha look as beautiful as ever...maintain lam easy a pannalam...manasu vecha

  11. nandini Says:

    aiyayyo ! And he used to look so cute! Agree with Princess's last comment!

  12. Nandy - 6th std liye avana paathu ore the jols..ippo indha ilam vayasle enna ippdi disappoint panitane!!!

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