Aishwarya Rao

is one of my favourite programmes on Pogo. This hilarious game show is about a Japanese Count who owns a castle and sets impossible challenges for a general and his army of volunteers. The challenges range from fighting an avalanche of boulders, running on rollers to falling face first on the game boards.

The most popular one is ofcourse, skipping stones. Here contestants(or volunteers) are expected to make it to the opposite bank by stepping on stones, rather skipping stones that are fake and will give away to muddy water beneath. Amma semma comedy that one is.

Despite the fact that the challenges are often repeated, Takeshi's castle is quite refreshing. Considering there are no gold coins to count,no big stars with designer blouses,no helplines, just awesome fun and roll on the floor laughter sequences.

Oh, and i often wonder what the winners (if any) win as a prize?! Any idea anyone?
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  2. Sheks Says:

    very hilarious.i initially considered it to be childish,but later got used to it.indirect comparison with crackpot and nongu vettai,eh???

    might be some cash prize.

  3. Its addictive man! I guess it kindles the sadism in every man. Familya okkarndhu kizha virundhu sirikaranga!!!

    Crack pot and nongu vettai sucks!!! hehe

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  5. I have just got a glimpse of it sometimes.. Anywayz, good to cya back with something atleast, after a long time...

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  6. aaamam RA

    have been busy for a while...

  7. Zabuza Says:

    hey.. the info was very useful fr me...thanks

  8. shrik Says:

    It's the funniest show I can see on CAS-infested cable T.V!

    Recently, I realized that the commentary was what made it so appealing for me, after they changed the commentator briefly frmo Javed Jaafrey to the winners of the Great Indian Laughter Challenge. That was just pathetic :(

  9. Appo neengalum chennai la thaan irukkel srikanth!!!

    I swear the commentry by the GILC guys sucks..Javed Jaffreys was really hilarious..

    Hopefully they dont translate Just for Laughs Gags as well..adhoda kodumai vera edhuvume illa!!!

  10. Pickster C. Says:

    I saw an episode in which the contestants won and took over the Takeshi's Castle. Then, nothing. Yes, absolutely nothing. The General [forgot his name] and the contestants stood in a line and bowed in front of the camera and the credits started rolling.

  11. Anonymous Says:

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