Aishwarya Rao
Yes its been a thrilling past. A week
Of day breaks
Of hopes, high and low
Of discoveries really painful
Of dreams shattered and rebuilt
Of plans realistic and otherwise
Of faith (blind)
Of optimism busted
Of fryums, mango shakes, management books, temple visits, voice overs,exam revisions
Of assortments of desire
Of disappointments
Of Night Breaks

Orkut is saying that my present plan is going to succeed. Is that a slichly polite way of saying make some plans you nut?!
11 Responses
  1. Beautifully said...

    I am sure the night break will be followed by a day break, and this cycle is sure to break some day! All the best for the immediate future! Your past might be futile
    but let not ur present curtail but for the future, travail!

    Meanwhile, I have a kostin for orkut...

    If my plan is to procastinate, and if my plan succeeds, I dont make any plans, so how will it succeed?

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  2. Whatever was ur thrilling past was definitely more thrilling than whatever..

    if whatever i said above makes sense!

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  3. Shailesh Says:

    A good poem..

    Orkut just shows us one random line from its database.
    And we keep thinking on it...

    So forget abt orkut, decide ur future urself..

  4. Sheks Says:

    my fortune statement for yest was "a good time to finish pending tasks".i did manage to complete backlogs but in the process accumulated more tasks for the future :D

  5. Girish Says:

    my orkut fortune says "Today's fortune:
    In God we trust; all others must pay cash".

  6. You make your own destiny and fortune not Orkut !!

  7. RA - :)I forgot to mention. The hope remains. Punctuated by day breaks and night breaks but definitely not punctured!

  8. To The Ignorant and You know who!

    Of course I have made my own destiny. I have decided to see what okut has to tell me everyday! Lol! Thiritha mudiyaatha case!

  9. sheks!
    Are you the one who has sent me an invite as chadrasekar?!

  10. G,
    Orkut enna solaradhu na..
    Nee kadavul
    Naangala kaasu kuduthu line la nindhu onna pakthu kannathle potukkanm!!!


  11. Anonymous Says:

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