Aishwarya Rao
Today, two students of a reputed engineering college came asking for sponsorship of their college fest.I was looking at their proposal.Not very different from the ones I used to prepare and desperately try to sell during college days.
A letter from the college principal obviously drafted by the students' council assuring the prospect that there will be a minimum crowd of 1500 people (students still think they can get away with quoting that figure!)
A rate card with titles like platinum, diamond and ruby sponsors (clearly copied from these blasted mlm systems)stating the benefits each sponsor was eligible for.

And as these two very adorable students sat in front of me trying to make a business deal i was parallely (and not surprisingly) rewinding. To those days of pre-proposal notes, sample proposals, council meetings, rate cards, sponsor visits,denails, promises, revisits, missed lunches, bargains, deals, money, cheques, banners, stalls...motherofgod... those were really the days i thought would never end...

However sitting on the otherside of the table today i feel a bit old. I dont want to deny them. In the core of my heart I know how it hurts when a prospective sponsor throws you out. Even simple denial brings the morale down.But thats how it works doesnt it. Especially if you are the are expected to bargain the maximum possible and smile in satisfaction as the student walks out cursing you because you either gave no money or gave very less according to him...

As they say what goes around comes around....
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  1. :P:P;P

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    dont worry sweety,
    there r still more exiting days to come...
    your "G"

  3. Girish Says:

    andha G naa illa.
    and did u finally give them the sponsorship?

  4. My "G"
    --- Thanks! Am not quite worried...And I am waiting for the exciting days ahead...but what I am worried abt is who might you "B"

  5. G,
    Lol! Onnaku inga competition maadiri irukku... edho namba chat ku apron nee manasu maaritayonu nanechen!!!

    and no we didnt give them the sponsorship...

  6. Arvind Says:

    Well...thanks for dropping by Ms.New Fan!?!

  7. avronea Says:

    di di...give them money no...paavum di...
    yaam petra thunbam, yen peranum vaiyagam?

  8. Anonymous Says:

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  9. hi i am a college student with responsibility of marketing for our annual cultural fest. sponsorship of our college fest generally is around 35 lakhs.. we are plannig to do something bigger this time. i was looking for some mature and intelligent advice. i went through your blog and felt that perhaps you are the right person to contact . if you feel like helping then please mail me.