Aishwarya Rao
Today was a big day. My client Lifestyle launched India's largest retail store at the Chennai Citicentre. The checklist for the event was endless and the things just kept coming up as and when,one seemed like getting over. At some point I thought this day would never end. Photographer, sound equipments, new bookings, cancellations, cab hiring,confirmations,journalists,media,invitees,recee,print outs, dockets,instructions to follow, instructions to give, chief guest escort...all this of course in-between hundreds of phone calls. It dragged me into couple of years back when I used to manage events. Then I used to enjoy event management. Today I felt sick and exhausted.Really.The only consolation was the fact that things went on smoothly after umpteen hiccups. Actress Asin inaugurated the store and man this gorgeous woman is one crowd puller. Which directly translated into an additional security duty for me! But overall the experience was good. I observed and learnt a lot of things. To do and not to. So deservedly I got my first official job's pay check.

PS: - At the cost of sounding like an advertorial I recommend the store to you. When I was doing the recce yesterday I was stunned. The place is huge with amazing stuff, some from their Dubai stores. Some of them astonishingly affordable. And my favorite part of the store is visual merchandising. The stuff has been placed so strategically that you are unconsciously attracted towards it. And for the rest of the news I suggest you read the papers or better still visit the store.
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  1. Will surely Visit the store. Need to see M & S too in Chennai.

  2. Dude, M&S is nothing compared to this store. 75000 sq ft. Chance ille. The Citi Centre itself is amazing. Its gonna have Landmark, Helvetica and loads more. Macha next destination nambuldhu adhu dhaan!

  3. hmm, seems like u had a whale of a time... kalakks! This is just the beginning.. btw, just echews me for a small drool... *asinnnnnnnnnn*

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  4. RA - kekkadhe... she is amazing. Gorgeous. Lovely princess macha!! Felt like a worm in front of her. Chance ille. Flawless skin and striking figure. Absloutely down to earth and soooper sweet!!!

  5. avronea Says:

    di u dont need me and all for coverage :-p neeye pothum

  6. Kaps Says:

    Read the news in The Hindu. Where is this Citi Centre located?

  7. Sheks Says:

    Citicentre's opened???it was under construction when i went tht way 2 weeks ago.

    and is lifestyle shifting out of alwarpet???or is the new store a branch??

    and I was the one who sent u an invite with the name "chandrasekhar".

  8. Ranji....but nee vandurkalam.. gift vouchers for media people.and then we could have shopped together!

  9. kaps - citicentre is in Radhakrishnan Salai, just after HSBC

  10. Ya sheks. its open now...and they have done an amazing job in a matter of days.. I was witness to it and the number of people who worked on it! Amazing work by both the outlets that have opened. Both landmark and lifestyle. Sooper mucha these people are..and pls send an invite in orkut again!!!

  11. avronea Says:

    you couldn't say this first or what???
    che and there was poor me tramping around saidapet and t nagar in rain for civic story, listening to auto guy ramble on idiots who scene katify with too much light which was making his eyes koosify!!!
    now i really wanna Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!
    (nalaiku innoru byline paaru :-D)

  12. Vasanth Says:

    heyy....wowwww... took me back to my event management times....its one hell of a job...the enjoyment part depends on the day's do jobs right from manager to and AAsin... cool machi... surprising tht how "sneha" accepts assin to be cute ;)

  13. Ranji, Naa onne kupten.... needha varaveille... i sent u a sms di.

  14. Mama - apdina needhan enna pathi G kite maati kuduthiya munu varsham munnadi!!!

  15. Sheks Says:

    i visited this place may not be as huge as spencer but it's good as long as it helps chennai feature in the list of cities with shopping malls.

    BTW there's one PVR mall-multiplex coming up at aminjikarai.need to check tht out too.

  16. avronea Says:

    di you didn't mention gift vouchers!

  17. Why is that there are so few malls in Chennai (compared to other cities)? Why is that there arent much multiplexes out in Chennai?