Aishwarya Rao

:-) Yeah. He is mine. Now you know why i have been jumping around.Do read Optimum utilization of effective resources
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  1. congrats on ur new fone, darling !!!

  2. Shailesh Says:


    I thought u would be throwing some big surprise..

  3. Oh great ignorant one

    The reason why i was jumping the other day is entirely different...
    But its old story now...

    This the latest which is equally exciting in my

  4. Kaps Says:

    am jealous! how many songs can it hold?

  5. I like specialization.. I wud rather go for a mobile n amp3 player... But looks nice... ensoy !!!

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  6. S m i t h a Says:

    wow, congrats!! looks jazzy & cool (y)
    how much does it costs?

  7. smitha - is sexier to hold. And its definitely worth its price!!!

  8. RA --- Matter phone idhu...soopera irukku...specialization la seridhaan...apron bond maadhiri 5 gadget thookindu alaiyavendithaan..its the age of consolidation i say!!!

  9. kaps-- u jealous? be be. thats the point...hehe...

  10. There are 6 pockets in my bermudas.. i wudnt worry abt a 6th gadget too :P

    mobile, mp3, pda, thumbdrive is my usual carry case... i still need a couple.. maybe shud ask bond ;)

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!