Aishwarya Rao
After coming to office I realized that i was badly I had run out of wet tissues. I went down to find a pack. I walked into every small, medium and large departmental store in Eldams road and believe you me not a single dude had a packet of wet tissue. (Determined) I walked the entire stretch to the largest retail outlet in the vicinity,just to hear them say 'Sorry ma'm no wet tissues!' Thats when i lost it. Muttering abuses (in local bashai) I rushed to their infants section and picked(the only available) Anakku baby wipes. Trust me at that moment it didnt matter if it were baby wipes at a blasted price (68 bucks to wipe the baby's poop!).

When i was walking back I was reminded of what a manufacturer of sanitary napkins said- That consumers dont buy products. They buy brands, lifestyles,They connect to the brand's personality and attitude. (I wonder what attitude Anakku wears?!)

I doubt if it is universally applicable to all products and if a manufacturer of a pin can afford to say that tomorrow. Since occasionally the need for that product might surpass the brands' value and the buyer's conciousness.

While I was telling myself all this, I read that Chennai has been emerged as the most brand conscious city in the survey published in the latest India today. (I am sure it has, for I didnt settle for dry face wipes, the brand conscious me walked miles to purchase Anakku baby wipes because I connect to its attitude and personality!!!)
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  2. it serves the purpose rite??;)

  3. Which is my point paparazzi. it serves the purpose!!!

  4. And Jayanth incidentally I was checking out your blog yesterday after Pavan strongly recommended it!

  5. Im sure u wud hav a lot more to wipe after walkin so long.. what happened to all the handkerchiefs i say! what a waste of time money effort paper and blogspace !!! Or better still be a man, just pour some water, wipe with hand and ruffle a few hairs n u r done ... evanavadhu kett thalaivar style... idhu eppadi ;)

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  6. adhaane paathen, RA, na brands pathi exhudinaathaan onaku aagadhe.. hehe... not so much waste of time coz I am doing PR, kitta thatta Pattam vidara maari thaan!!! hehe... and thailavar style le mongam kazhivina (moonja alambina)enna officelandhu kazhividuvaanga!!!

  7. Sheks Says:

    these surveys dont represent the true picture.only a section of the population wud be surveyed for'd be foolish to conclude that a city is brand conscious by surveying just about 300 people in a huge city.

    BTW is "anakku" the vernacular version of huggies??

  8. I got in through Pavan's blog!

  9. Sheks- Absolutely true. I dont remember a single occassion when i/my circle of friends have participated in a survey of this sort. And come to think of it Chennai and Hyderabad have emerged brand conscious cities - over and above Delhi and Mumbai and however hopeful we might be such a thing doesnt sound logical. and God knows what anakku is! Ever since anakku happened i have been following news on baby wipes and now i know Cuddles is expanding in the market! lol!

  10. Figured that Jayanth! Thanks for visiting.

  11. S m i t h a Says:

    wow! Softer. Thicker. Stronger. Alcohol Free!! Im not a baby and im not wet also, but i badly want to get my hands on one of these!
    அண்ணணுக்கு ஒரு Anakku!

  12. Hey Smitha, Guess now I can charge these guys for some awesome promotion!

  13. nandini Says:

    Hard to believe Chennai of all places is brand conscious! As long as it works...

  14. Adhan Nandy - Kindal panranga nalla!

  15. ThoughtPaisa Says:

    68 for 30 wipes is cheap. Try buying diapers once and you will know having kids is nt as easy as you had imagined....