Aishwarya Rao
Orkut said: Your luck has been completely changed today

Nothing drastic happened except that after a shameful 3 game loss to C the day before, I won hands down 2/3 today.In extremely well played games.(C you will agree to that wont you ;)(mariyadhaya agree pannu onakku inge I am giving you free brand! How do you media planners measure this anyways?)
Game 1

Game 2

Ofcourse he won the last game(I didnt bother to print screen that!)and I was left missing those days in SIMC when Mr.Desai,C and me would go mad (I would,the other two are Buddhas anyways!)playing this all evening...Oh I miss the office room and Neelima's esteemed company(For the uninitiated Neelima is my twin. She is the office receptionist and I found my soul mate in her when I was making those million blasted calls for placements!)I miss those days we made power point presentations to ask for permissions. I miss the day-evening bitching and I really miss being with my friends. I do. I never expected myself too. But I do.

And I might have to wait till monday for my luck to completely change.
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  1. miss those days when a post appeared without the word "brand"...

    and forgive my knowledge of pool, but hey, how come u won the game 2 with all the balls intact? And susp_anim has the ball in hand... Seems like a paintbrush victory :P

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  2. lol! RA The balls came back to place for resuming game three. its the shot where game two ended and game 3 was resuming! and the 'brand' in this post wasnt a commodity. Atleast that is a consolation!!!

  3. nandini Says:

    Why do you want your luck to change? you're winning!!!

  4. Vikram H Says:

    hehe...there's no better timepass than yahoo pool!

  5. hmm why do u want urt luck to change????

  6. Hiren Says:

    You seem to have a pool of people to play pool with.

  7. Ennavo... aandavanukkum susp_anim kum thaan velicham! That too, the latter u have threatened indirectly to keep quiet. And God is always so dumb!

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    The search has just begun !!!

  8. Nandy and Paparazzi... I want my luck to completely change... Get the idea? I dont to win 2/3 games... Infact I dont wanna be playing pool at all!!! Purunjuda? Puriyale? Ennaku purunja odane na explain panren onga rendu perukum!!!

  9. Absolutely Vikram - Yahoo pool is the best time pass option!!

  10. RA - God is not just dumb. He is blastedly blind and demented as well.

    (Imagine how G would have commented to your post - nee naan kadvul! Vaazhve Thavam, Anbe Sivam.. muhahaha)

  11. Princess, was that ("God is not just dumb. He is blastedly blind and demented as well") an attack on kadavul or G? ;)

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    The search has just begun !!!

  12. Sheks Says:

    if u believe in orkut's fortune statements,u might also believe in daily-sheet calender fortunes,i think so.

    for me it's always the opposite tht happens.saadhanai actually turns into sodhanai.

  13. RA - Ennaku Gkum prachanai undakaadhe. Rombanaal kezhuchi ippo thaan..seri seri bakhiyellam neeye purunjiko..Na andha Andavana thaan sonnen, G ya ille! G ya pathi na ennikume thappa pesa maathen. Avon kadavul da!!

  14. sheks - who said i dont believe in what DH/DC say about my luck. Infact I believe in Elle's fortune also. Lol! If you ever get ur hands on this months Elle do check what it has to say for Geminis. Very very interesting and its turning out that way too!

    Sodhanai yei saadhanai ya convert panradhudhaane perumai!

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  16. Sheks Says:

    hey i never said u dont believe in DH/DC.