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After the unforgettable Dana Evans(The sky is falling),a thriller heroine Tracy Whitney (If Tomorrow Comes), The haunting Ashley(Tell me your Dreams)and a list of exciting heroines in a list of page-turners, Sidney Sheldon finally has a male protagonist in his latest - The Other Side of Me. The author himself. It is said to be a compelling story on his life and family. And a review that I read says "Finally, the world's master storyteller shares his greatest tale...his own!".
I am planning to read the book tonight and for some reason I was tempted to blog on this when I saw the dedication – “ For my granddaughters so that they know what a magical journey I had”. (Would I say that when I grow old?)
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  1. Girish Says:

    a sidney novel CANNOT have a male protagonist!!
    but now that it does, i CANNOT wait to read it!

  2. avronea Says:

    in your case, magical might not be quite the word :-p

    too tame for you di:-D

  3. Anonymous Says:

    wonder why the world has people like that jackass. wonder why the world has people that read this jackass's thoughts. a vicious circle indeed.

  4. Girish Says:

    another case of a coward not willin to say wat he/she wants to out in the open.
    There's nothin more cowardly in this world than an anonymous comment going against the normal.
    No balls => dont comment!

  5. G, As u said i wonder why that anonymous jackass doesnt have a jackass name!!!

  6. Ranji... what am i expected to reply :)

  7. The last time I read Sydney Sheldon... wait a nimite, I never have. Only heard the (censored) story from my sis sometimes. Anywayz, I wudnt wanna tell the other side of me to my grandchildren for sure :P Nothing better than experience ;)

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    The search has just begun !!!

  8. Sheldon padichadillaya? RA vazkaila 5 varsham waste!! hehe.. Tell Me your Dreams, If Tomorrow Comes - rendume must read

  9. If I tell you my dreams, it wont be dream anymore. It would become my fantasy. And if tomorrow comes, it becomes today. So, no point :P

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  10. RA - On kitta vai kuduthhu maatika naa thaiyara ille. andha maadiri maatindena it will be point of no return. hehe

  11. i must say i like the book...its good....just got it....

  12. Anonymous Says:

    "(Would I say that when I grow old?)"... if u had grand daughters u would...

  13. Aha Anonymous - Thakitte! And aamam neeyen anonymous aave ezhudhare?!

  14. nandini Says:

    Hey! thanks for the info... new Sheldon out! Will go read! I can't beleive he has a male protagonist... wonders will never cease!

  15. Nandy, This book is abt himself and quite a page turner... I already loved him and after reading his story ore the worshipping...

  16. Anonymous Says:

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