Aishwarya Rao

Hutch is probably one of the most innovative marketers in this country. Its campaigns are creative and always relevant. I remember its first teaser campaign with Hi splashed all across the city. Infact on the day it was launched in Chennai, The Hindu (I don’t know if Express also did) carried a small envelope stuck on an empty quarter page space. The front of the envelope said "Hi" and the personalized message did wonders when it came to brand recognition and recall.

Then came it’s much discussed and must admired, “Wherever you go, our hutch network follows!" Probably one of the most successful campaigns in the sector. While being creative, Hutch was communicating in simple language. It didn’t say smart things. It didn’t insult the audience. The campaign only made the brand more relevant to consumers. (They sure topped it up with their impeccable services, so much that people swear by it and get disappointed because Hutch doesn’t operate in Pune!)

Recently their transition from orange to 'hot' pink has been executed impeccably.There is not a single outlet in the city (and i m guessing across the nation) where Hutch is Orange! This is a more recent creative execution of theirs.

Picture scanned from today's Hindu Business Line - Catalyst.They have wrapped up the stairs of this cinema house in Bangalore with the hutch puppy. Truly imaginative!

PS: Hutch is not my client. I dont work for them. This is not blog placement either.
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  1. Vikram H Says:

    Oh yeah! I completely agree with ya!...Their ad campaigns have been a class apart!

  2. Yeah Vikram, I havent mentioned it in my post but i remember the You vs You, hutch games on your mobile campaign. Sexy ones.

  3. Sheks Says:

    Hutch is still "orange" in mumbai.

  4. Ya sheks? A couple of colleagues of mine in Mumbai were saying that its all hot and pink. Infact when i visited Bombay I never saw a single Orange branding. All this if you are suggesting Hutch is still "Orange" in color.

  5. avronea Says:

    di...number msg pannu sometime...mine's the same for now

  6. Orange or Pink,
    Hutch makes my heart sink
    But I wud say this with a wink
    Cos it makes someone's cell blink ;)

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  7. Girish Says:


  8. RA, slicha out of context poem. paraville. heard the latest circulating abt hutch? Got an sms from a friend today. It reads
    Why Hutch is King? Because neenga air tel, air cell, idea, bsnl use panna koode 'hutch' nu dhaane thumbuviinga!!! Raasa!!!

  9. Ranji, Slighta i dont have ur old number. Pls message me urs. (u can take mine from anu!) Btw have you joined work? Will you come for my press conference.pls pls pls. hehe

  10. avronea Says:

    babe your word is my command...i meant pune number but never mind am back on my old hutch number. will get yours from anu and msg. or you could just mail the egroup(remember?)

    see you sometime :-)

  11. Prahalathan Says:

    I agree with your post.
    Your disclaimer made me :) in the end!

  12. out-of-context a? All this stupid proximity to Feb 14 u c :P

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  13. RA! Semma justification mams!

  14. Kaps Says:

    The colour change looks like a build-up for their IPO which is scheduled to happen in 2006.