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A thrilling time is in your immediate future.

Aishwarya Rao
Orkut said: Your luck has been completely changed today

Nothing drastic happened except that after a shameful 3 game loss to C the day before, I won hands down 2/3 today.In extremely well played games.(C you will agree to that wont you ;)(mariyadhaya agree pannu onakku inge I am giving you free brand! How do you media planners measure this anyways?)
Game 1

Game 2

Ofcourse he won the last game(I didnt bother to print screen that!)and I was left missing those days in SIMC when Mr.Desai,C and me would go mad (I would,the other two are Buddhas anyways!)playing this all evening...Oh I miss the office room and Neelima's esteemed company(For the uninitiated Neelima is my twin. She is the office receptionist and I found my soul mate in her when I was making those million blasted calls for placements!)I miss those days we made power point presentations to ask for permissions. I miss the day-evening bitching and I really miss being with my friends. I do. I never expected myself too. But I do.

And I might have to wait till monday for my luck to completely change.
Aishwarya Rao
After coming to office I realized that i was badly I had run out of wet tissues. I went down to find a pack. I walked into every small, medium and large departmental store in Eldams road and believe you me not a single dude had a packet of wet tissue. (Determined) I walked the entire stretch to the largest retail outlet in the vicinity,just to hear them say 'Sorry ma'm no wet tissues!' Thats when i lost it. Muttering abuses (in local bashai) I rushed to their infants section and picked(the only available) Anakku baby wipes. Trust me at that moment it didnt matter if it were baby wipes at a blasted price (68 bucks to wipe the baby's poop!).

When i was walking back I was reminded of what a manufacturer of sanitary napkins said- That consumers dont buy products. They buy brands, lifestyles,They connect to the brand's personality and attitude. (I wonder what attitude Anakku wears?!)

I doubt if it is universally applicable to all products and if a manufacturer of a pin can afford to say that tomorrow. Since occasionally the need for that product might surpass the brands' value and the buyer's conciousness.

While I was telling myself all this, I read that Chennai has been emerged as the most brand conscious city in the survey published in the latest India today. (I am sure it has, for I didnt settle for dry face wipes, the brand conscious me walked miles to purchase Anakku baby wipes because I connect to its attitude and personality!!!)
Aishwarya Rao

After the unforgettable Dana Evans(The sky is falling),a thriller heroine Tracy Whitney (If Tomorrow Comes), The haunting Ashley(Tell me your Dreams)and a list of exciting heroines in a list of page-turners, Sidney Sheldon finally has a male protagonist in his latest - The Other Side of Me. The author himself. It is said to be a compelling story on his life and family. And a review that I read says "Finally, the world's master storyteller shares his greatest tale...his own!".
I am planning to read the book tonight and for some reason I was tempted to blog on this when I saw the dedication – “ For my granddaughters so that they know what a magical journey I had”. (Would I say that when I grow old?)
Aishwarya Rao

Hutch is probably one of the most innovative marketers in this country. Its campaigns are creative and always relevant. I remember its first teaser campaign with Hi splashed all across the city. Infact on the day it was launched in Chennai, The Hindu (I don’t know if Express also did) carried a small envelope stuck on an empty quarter page space. The front of the envelope said "Hi" and the personalized message did wonders when it came to brand recognition and recall.

Then came it’s much discussed and must admired, “Wherever you go, our hutch network follows!" Probably one of the most successful campaigns in the sector. While being creative, Hutch was communicating in simple language. It didn’t say smart things. It didn’t insult the audience. The campaign only made the brand more relevant to consumers. (They sure topped it up with their impeccable services, so much that people swear by it and get disappointed because Hutch doesn’t operate in Pune!)

Recently their transition from orange to 'hot' pink has been executed impeccably.There is not a single outlet in the city (and i m guessing across the nation) where Hutch is Orange! This is a more recent creative execution of theirs.

Picture scanned from today's Hindu Business Line - Catalyst.They have wrapped up the stairs of this cinema house in Bangalore with the hutch puppy. Truly imaginative!

PS: Hutch is not my client. I dont work for them. This is not blog placement either.