Aishwarya Rao
No prizes for guessing. It is not unexpected. We all know it. But still...
According to the report on
Brand Republic,Google beat Apple to gain the top spot in Interbrand's 2005 Survey (which was conducted in 99 countries) on the brand to have the most influence on public around the world.
Google worshippers, Google lovers, Would be Googlers, Wanna be Googlers...Its smiley time.
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17 Responses
  1. Arz000n Says:

    Google is GOD
    Apple is iPOD

    And I love both :)

  2. But Google is God! Amen

  3. REFLEX Says:

    but MS is mass.

  4. Girish Says:

    idha blog-aa ezhudhardhula yaarukku enna punniyam?

  5. nandini Says:

    GO Google!

  6. RAHUL Says:

    Yes aish Google is too good & MSN can’t imagine to bit it at least in near future so enjoy googling every product it launches had some different variety which cant be think of by anyone I wonder how they come up with such a innovative new ideas every time

  7. Sheks Says:

    what abt microsoft???

  8. Vasanth Says:

    Rao...were does castrol stand in ur brand mela ??

  9. G, slicha nee enna suggest panre? Punniyam kadakerathuka blog ezhudhanum?

  10. Cookie Monster ;)
    GO! it is. Reminds me of school days when we used to cheer for school groups!!!

  11. shreks - what abt microsoft.. really what abt it?

  12. Mama, this is not yet a PR blog. na onakosaram Castrol pathi ezhudha to answer your question..nowhere!! how rude on my part mama..sorry..nee nanna elathayum nadathi vechha, kandipa ezhuduven!!!

  13. Rahul, My next plan is to by SEARCH bu Joh Beattle if i am not you say its about being a student for a lifetime...and once again Google is God!!

  14. Vasanth Says:

    no issues... nee thane sollara paravalla... naa onnaku suraa nadathi veppen..nee ennaku nadathi vaipiya ?? ;-)

  15. Arz000n Says:

    I hope Google comes out with gPOD real soon :D

  16. arz000n...and i hope they will hire me one day!!!

  17. Google - Go Ogle!

    The one and only place Im prepared to work for free :P

    Innangada idhu, inga namba kai kari kadayoda range a beram pesareenga? :P

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!