Aishwarya Rao
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This is old story but Google Earth has indexed layers of images, stories of National Geographic Channel.. that one can now see the photographs by clicking on the links... And if it werent content with being the top internet brand Google is about to launch a low end PC for as low as $200 that can work without microsoft software. Timesonline says that Larry Page, one of the founders of Google is expected to share the plans tomorrow...The report states that Google has entered into an agreemnt with Wal-Mart for distribution...Seems like Google cannot be stopped...My kids tomorrow will wear Google tags so that i can keep track of them whereever they are...And why am I reminded of Ian Malcoms theories?
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  1. Lets not forget Microsoft earned a nice boy image in its early days... with its radical "Bring the PC home" concept. Lets just say that it was Microsoft's brilliant marketting strategies then, now its Google's innovative capabilities. Too much of good can turn bad at anytime...even without u noticing the change :)

    I love Google, but the caution bell rings in my mind all the time.

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