Aishwarya Rao

I caught a poster with this photograph in Nilgiris.

With chocolate smeared lustily on her bust, Kareena endorses new Lux - Chocolate. Yes Chocolate. She informs the (jaw-dropping,mouth-drooling) consumer that chocolate nourishes the skin!!!

I was stunned that a giant like HLL is banking on tactics to fight increasing competition. A little while ago they got Shah Rukh Khan to endorse the soap. Now its a new flavour (far away from its traditional milk, almond oil and honey). I am not dismissing the soap even before I have seen/tried or see it work... I simply think Lux is on a trip that is certainly going to erode its brand equity as the soap of the stars with an aspiring value (if it hasnt already...)
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  1. Girish Says:

    i am disappointed too.. HLL.. :(
    and is it just me, or has kareena put on a lot of flab waist-side? :(

  2. G, idha idha idha thaan edhir paathen.. expected you to def comment on this one!! Enda city hll?

  3. Im sure people are waiting to see if something other than HLL's image erodes ;)

    Btw, I hate kareena, so it doesnt trigger my senses. I would rather eat the chocolate and leave her gasping :P (fun intended, not pun)

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  4. Girish Says:

    HLL Bombay.. hav no idea wats in store.. lets hope they take me to some interesting ad shoots during weekends ;)

  5. RA - "Im sure people are waiting to see if something other than HLL's image erodes ;)" - HEHE Good one... But considering its kareena the eroding expectations might not be much... Bipasha Basu potta artham iruku...adha vititu...

  6. G, onnada designation enna?

  7. Girish Says:

    i wont mind any erosion... bipasha is uglier than kareena, and en range-ku indha erosion ellaam porum. :P
    manasaatchiye illiyaa onakku A.
    and i am into corpcomm at HLL for the summers.. was a tailormade position, which they didnt bring to campus nor hav they ever offered it before.. ennoda resume-la enna paathaano therila.. on an impulse he asked me if i wud be willing.. i generally agreed the next day..

  8. Hemamalini Says:

    chocolate flavoured SOAP! does it come witha tagline - You can bath and eat it too?!

  9. G, Congrats thalaiva...kadavul kosaram hll company pera kuda matharthuku thayar iruku!!! and i think bipasha is hotter than the ugly kareena

  10. Hems - Incidentally the reverse is thier reasoning... HLL has said that by intorducing this soap they want consumers to associate chocolate which was all along associated with taste, to be a symbol of touch as well!!! Indha kandraavi ye enga poi muttikardhu!!

  11. Yuck, cant u guys think of better examples? Kareena vaam, Bipasha vaam. Wait till I come back from vomitting...

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    The search has just begun !!!