Aishwarya Rao
Today we had Mr. Anand Halve from Chlorophyll Communications, discussing the truths about branding with us. When he was discussing about how competition is not categorical anymore like Levis competing against another brand of jeans, but it us against an entirely new category that makes a fashion statement. I was reminded about just one thing.. How Wal Mart guys perceive an inherent threat in Google to their business model in the long run...

The discussion covered the fallacy of product non-differentiation, the routes adopted by cult brands and alignment of brand behaviors and communications. But there was something that I particularly liked - "The brand must have a sacred pact with its stake holders and it must be built around an inviolable core."

Contextualsing what he said, yesterday I was reading the article in the latest issue of Business Today which talks about how Coca Cola has been hammered in the past three years leading to a loss of around Rs.950 crores. Even while doing well (before the several pesticide suits came up) Coca Cola was tempted to increase volumes. So it reduced prices and moved from an urban cola to a mass drink and subsequently lost its original market as well. It moved from its inviolable core of being the refreshing drink for the experimenting urban cool dude to the cool drink of the country and its villages and towns...thus violating its promise to its core target.

So it seems my friends (since I simply seem to be rambling around as usual) that alignment of business goals with brand practices is vital for a brand.

PS: - It is so sad that the best guys come to teach in your institute when you hardly have a week left.