Aishwarya Rao
Intel recently changed what marketers believed to be the most recognised logo to this.

It reasoned that it was moving out from the traditional PC Chip business into consumer products. In line with its rebranding strategy, Intel today announced its entry into digital entertainment at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas. Intel is all set to introduce its Viiv (pronounced as Vyve)range of entertainment PC that will support online music, movie, gaming and other video content.

(Courtesy: BBC News)
But the best part comes here. The PC will support Google video search which means that people can access videos indexed in Google's pages. Seems like Google is on an extended honey moon.
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  1. Happy New Year my dear Princess! May this new year bring you all happiness... Sure is gonna be great cos u will be in Chennai!

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  2. Vasanth Says:

    Intelle change paniyachu...nammakennanu nenachutiya... :) Idhuvum kadandhu pogum...tozhi.. !!!!

  3. enna maa lookaa mathitai???

  4. kr Says:

    hey finally a bright sporty a look... a diametric opposite from the dark and devious...


  5. Absolutely RA,

    No place like home.

    Looking fwd to being back there.

  6. Mama,

    You know i endorse change, dont you.. Thought once in a while I should live up to it...

  7. Pappy..Reminds me of the song we used to sing in the bus - style style thaan.. sooper style thaan... (thalaivar song!)..7th std..nyaabagam irukka..

  8. kr...
    just like, black, hazy....a diametric opposite from the happy white and green...

  9. i remember that......its been a while though...;)