Aishwarya Rao
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A brilliant ad, although I doubt if Axe ever published it.
That way I am guessing the conversion rate of ads produced to ads published must be very low.When one of my professors was talking about the Axe Academy, I thought Axe was losing it. However in hindsight, after following their campaigns over a period of time I stand corrected. They were always mad. They have just become hysterical.
Despite the madness,Axe is one brand that hasnt moved away from its original positioning.And their campaigns are as good as Absolut. Not blatantly placing the product on screen, yet getting the point across... Probably thats the idea.
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  1. Girish Says:

    in some sense, dont u think the ad is GROSS??????

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hey i just saw the AXE Unlimited ad that you put up .. its interesting do you have any more links on this..... it is a total mojo enhancer.....

  3. G, I dont think its gross. Its suggestive and its a smart ad. Some of the other campaigns are gross..but not this one...

  4. Girish Says:

    enakku pudikkalappaa... not the ad though, i hate axe, for the kinda image they have..

  5. S m i t h a Says:

    suggestive?? too gross for me too :P

  6. Gross or not gross, I buy axe cos its the cheapest here :P

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    The search has just begun !!!

  7. G, every product has to take a certain positioning so as to sell...axe decided to take this thats all...

  8. You men! you can watch porn and not feel grossed out but... hypocrticial lot all of you...

  9. RA, Onna maadiri naalu peru irkuardhunaaladhaan..every marketer is banging his head on the wall...but atleast you are honest about it

  10. Girish Says:

    " G, every product has to take a certain positioning so as to sell...axe decided to take this thats all..."
    A, dont u dare start sounding like my marketing profs.. cha.... have been hearin enuff jargon lately :P

  11. G, hehe i thought you will get the point if i talk in your language...ivalo tension aare..

  12. Anonymous Says:

    smart ad. wonder if the blogger is equally creative...

  13. S m i t h a Says:

    who told you we men don't feel grossed by watching p0rn? we are... feel ashamed even.
    thats why we dont watch the same tape twice. we move on for some other video :P

  14. bp Says:

    axe ads are usually dumb. especially its site..its crap. but i liked this one..

  15. Anonymous Says:

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