Aishwarya Rao
It doesnt matter if there is a four and a half hour train long as it means coming home...looking at sis jump while opening her presents, eating rasam sadam, vengaya sambhar sadam combined with vendakai, listening to all the family and non-family gossip, clicking pictures of mama, while he burst crackers, shopping for new clothes, fussing about eating sweets, watching sun tv and padayappa...sleeping till 10 a.m,eating aloo chaat at gangotree, feeling at home in spencer plaza, the unavoidable fights, the consequent noise (you cant figure whether its the crackers outside or inside!)and a treatment that only a princess deserves and gets... Diwali or not, coming home is but a celebration!
PS: My next blog will cry about how i have to go back to the project and assignment deadlines...aiyo...why cant life be a long diwali vacation...and if it is you know what i will be saying... i cant handle the free time, so i start brushing my teeth! (Don if you are there, i can see you smiling)
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  1. Hemamalini Says:

    exactly what I missed this Diwali...

  2. Vasanth Says:

    wowwww...mama dhanyan aanen... appadi ennatha kandiyoo framela... and u were fussing too much to even pose like bursting crackers....ennamo po... veetukku vandhale adhu festive than...

  3. Godo to c u had a blast! Ensoy!

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  4. Anonymous Says:

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