Aishwarya Rao

Sitaron me le chalu...
Alumni Meet 2005
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  1. Dun understand the words, but vanakkamgo!

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  2. Vasanth Says:

    kisko sitaron me le gaya... dee.. kannu patudum.. poi sutthi potuko... in case any better snaps mail pannu....

    seri...sidely..ethavathu out of focus teerumaa ;-)

    Urs Mama...
    (entha madirin purila...)

  3. JK Says:

    I was redirected to your blog thro' Kiruba's. Wonder which one of the four is you... or wait are you by any chance in it?

  4. Vasanth Says:

    Hey JK... she is first from the right ;-)

  5. Yeah, second that one ;)

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  6. hey enna dance maa????

    superaa irrukai...

  7. Jk - i m the second from right and vasanth is lying through his not so white teeth

  8. Mama - enkita vechikaadhe... and RA - you second that one, do you?!

  9. Mama - vamba velaiku vaangardhu kelvi paturirukaya

  10. Ash - Alumni meet fusion dance- choreographed the indian half..semmaya pochu...great fun it was...

  11. I dint second vasanth...

    I answered the kostin..

    Yeah, Second - that one!

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  12. Vasanth Says:

    vamba... velaiyaa..wat sayin ???

  13. Girish Says:

    hey... inniku dhaan i actually scanned the comments and realised u were on the photo.. totally not like u, wen viewed on the main page small size..
    u look konjam eLachu ponaa maadhiri.. and edho change face-la..
    anniku enga aathukku vandhappo innum enthuvaa irundha.. innum azhagaa irundha.

  14. Vasanth Says:

    vasishtar vayala bhrama rishi.....

    I cant believe if girish worte the above comment....I dint find much difference... may be dint observe to his perfection.... ;)

  15. Vasanth Says:

    Rao... diwalikku variyaa... pudhu dress vanginiyaa... enna matter ??

  16. G.
    Shy is coming...

  17. Mama...look at it..g, oru macroeconomics analysise panitan...and mama its not vasishtar.. avuru kadavul da..kadavul...hehe..and ya i m coing for abt you...

  18. Vasanth Says:

    yeah...... 4 long days (typical call center usage).... sat night.. i land and i leave on 1st evening 6pm (just pray that clock never shows this time)......heyy dis time sendhu pattasu vedikkalam....wat u say ???

  19. Girish Says:


  20. aaaah, patttasuuuuuuuuuuuuu ...ammmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... idhu nallala...

    G pls emphathise with me da!

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  21. Vasanth Says:

    G, nalla ha...ha... ku,,,, inga enna context ???

  22. Hey princess, happy diwali :) Hope u r having a blast in ur hot n wet principality!

    The funda: Get only lar crackers. Either a tappas or a buswanam, u get value for money!

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