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Yet another biggie from Yash Raj Films, Salaam Namaste is a daring romantic comedy well directed by debutante Siddharth Anand.
The movie is about two Indians (conveniently)settled in Australia, far away from their families, their meeting, the easy and difficult parts of their relationship and its culmination into marriage.
Nikhil Arora(Nick- played by Saif(the Hot & Funny)Khan) is the head chef of a restaurant and Ambar(Amby-played by Preity) is a RJ at Salaam Namaste.

Beginning at the typical girl-hate-boy, boy-hate-girl step(broadcasted shamelessly over the radio!), the two dive quickly into a 'live-in'. (They decide to move into the same house, but into different rooms, i assume only not to give the Indian crowd a blasted heart-attack in the very beginning.)Javed Jafferey who is now introduced as the two's landlord could have been completely done away with, for he removes the precious pace of the movie, and is remotely funny.

Parallely the party is on, with cool music, cool clothes. Sex is in the air, there is a juicy French kiss on screen, one always leads to another and holy heavens by interval time Amby gets pregnant! While Nick is not ready for marriage, let alone babies, Amby is firm about not having an abortion. It is in these places the director has boldly addressed the issues of love, relationships and commitments.

The second (and the slower) half of the movie has Amby sprawling on the screen with an ugly (football loaded)tummy and Nick shuttling between love-hate of parentage. There are insignificant scenes of other men and women in the two's lives (trying to add some masala). Persuaded by touching accounts of parentage by the people he meets, Nick finally proposes to Amby. In a ridiculous climax set in a hospital (Abishek Bachan cameos as a retard doctor), the two marry and moments later have a pair of twins (with head full of hair) and all seems to be well with the world.
Not to forget, throughout the movie, Nick is well supported by his best friend Ron (a mentionable performance by Arshad Warsi).

My favourites:
1.The entire idea of role reversals. The guy loves cooking and the girl is a rj. As a friend mentioned, The guy is seen wearing pink, the girl wears blues. The guy is particular about cleanliness, the girl rides the bike. While sailing, the girl is in front and the guy sits behind. He cries in a movie, she doesn’t.
2.Amby moaning on screen when she finally tastes Ben & Jerry's Belgian Dark Chocolate Ice-cream
3.Saif's cool and carry-you-along performance
4.Making-of-the-movie shots at the end of the movie
5.Amby as the radio jockey

I hated:
1. The loaded tummy of Amby and (oh the baby is kicking scenes!)

My take: The refreshing storyline shadows the rest of the ridiculous elements.
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  1. Yeah, one movie everyone says its good. I heard that the humour was also pretty effective. Havent seen it time :((

    Hoping for a break before I break!

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  2. Vasanth Says:
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  3. Vasanth Says:

    heyy i went with a new office gang and had to exit the theatre in 15 mins from the time the movie began cause the majority decided to stage a walkout due to A/C failure...what can ur poor mama do in a blessed place that is yet be explored....

    M to the A to the M to the A " mAmA " ths what u say !!!!!!

    1:34 AM

  4. For the concept that it is advocating it is a must watch.

  5. Mama --- Nee ye paatu ezhudiko on mela...kashtam! Padatha def poi paaru again

  6. Vasanth Says:

    seri... venna ... na nirutharen... ne eludhu ennakaga... ok ??

  7. Pranav J Pethe (the XIMBian) Says:

    A very nice movie....... Was very funny but wat a drag the second half is... I almost slept thru the entire second half. The way Preity Zinta dances around with all the pregnancy and all gives u a very nauesating feeling.
    And not to forget Javed Jaffrey is very humorous!!!!!

  8. hey awesome take on the movie...planning to watch it soon...donno when...and i will start blogging...been a while...

  9. nandini Says:

    nice to get a hidi movie update... please put some others up soon...will see if I can watch it somewhere here...sounded interesting ...can't remember the last time a comercial movie dealt with stuff like sex and babies outside of marraige and all that

  10. Mama
    onnaku ezhudhaame na vera yaaruku ezhuduven ;)

  11. True Pethe , if not for the squeaky clean theatre, i would have puked on the floor! What an ugly sight...yikes!

  12. Ash
    Do watch the will fall in love with Saif all over again;)

  13. Nandy
    That way we should really credit Siddharth Raj Anand, (who is a debutante)for taking up such an issue quite daringly.

  14. When was the last time I watched a hindi movie without dealin with sex??

    scratching my head till it bleeds...

    The director doesnt need guts, he juz needs to see the trend :P

    A poem! hmmmmmm...wil come bak every coupla hrs then ;)

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  15. Girish Says:

    back in ahd....
    preity's tummy sans the babies, and the rest of her epdi irukku-nu sollave illiye..

  16. True RA, Instead of hiding behind a safe formula, the guy has bothered to give the audience something different

  17. G, avala pathi solanammane? She is adorable as ever. Her dimples and her energy, my god!!

  18. Girish Says:

    Watched the movie today!
    must confess. slept thro the first 30 mins of the second half...
    preity was super amazing in the first half.. surprisingly glamorous costumes i thought..
    was overall just about alright types movie... music sucked..

  19. Preity is one of the cutest babes arnd..So avalukkaga worth a watch!

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  20. Vasanth Says:

    she has become old...and may be she should take more of charector rolls and put an end to her doll looks in the movies ... wat u say ??

  21. I know the princess is a sleeping beauty in a deep intellectual slumber, but shud u have to wait for ur prince charming to wake up?

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  22. Mama,
    nee adangu..she is damn cute and she can play these roles as long as she can carry it off... hehe... dialogue vidatha...

  23. RA,
    here comes the next post

  24. Girish Says:

    vasanth nee venumnaa edhaanum elasaa paathukko. enakkellaam iva porum... naech-nu irukka.. mookkum muzhiyum mathadhumaa..

  25. Ennada mathadumma nu izhukkara...seriye illa...IIMA poittu kettu poitta :P

    uruppadaradhukku enna maathiri 4 nalla pasangaloda seru da ;)

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  26. Muad'dib Says:

    Hmm.. Timepass entertainment but otherwise completely frivilous. No semblance of any serious subject came out. Worth a watch if you had nothing better to do.

  27. So much for the promise..hmppphhhh!

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  28. enna maa adutha movie review ennum ellai....?? gajinikku waitaa??

  29. pappy, gajiniku ille. Chocloate ora padatha paathu sethuten!!!