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It has been my intention to blog a single post a day (atleast to regain my rightful title..) but it has been extremely difficult with classes scheduled back to back.

For example: We had a media planning workshop for the past two days. A heavy duty one, but a very enlightening one at that. Simple concepts that have been hitherto jargonized were de-mystifyed by two people;Ashish Williams and Pankaj Bhawrani from MindShare(one of the largest global media agency networks). I loved the two days, the way the men conducted the sessions, their ability to communicate in common man's language and their passion to share their subjects. Good stuff man. And all you people reading this must check out Axe Unlimited Academies(an out of the box promotion idea!!!)You have to check this out, if not for anything else, the way the website has been made!

It is somewhere here that I am glad that I came to SIMC. It is not an extraordinary feeling to be here (for reasons I dont want to get into, for it is going to be yet another cribbing session!) but atleast the exposure has been substantial, both personally and otherwise. This place might not be 'the' place to be in, but I have learnt innumerable things. Even while I am writing this I wonder if I am trying to convince myself, probably, sub-consciously but I don’t want to deny the value-additions this place has given me.

After all, its a beautiful life!
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  1. If its worth a paise, I can tell u that being small and growing up big is more fascinating than being big all the time.

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  2. Vasanth Says:

    heyy the axe thingie was cool !!

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