Aishwarya Rao

I have been. Torn apart. Shaken. Slapped by a storm.
The walls of love, trust and faith have crumbled.For the past week, I have been in a permanent state of shock and disbelief.The sharp sense of emptiness pricks. It pokes with an almost cynical sense of glee. It feels like a hundred dementors are dancing inside my head. Even in that dazed state, I can feel the disappointment and disgust.Nearly sympathy for myself...But there is a faint smile on the side of my lips. There is a burning desire to fight the storm. To slap it back with strength. To spit the white lava it is rushing in my throat.To shut the windows and carry on. Not to hide myself. But to prepare for the violent collision that is to be. To prepare to kick it on its face and revel in its pain.To show that important letter in my life, that I am but a survivor...and not a kind one at that
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  1. This is the second post like this from u..wht happened? Whatever it is, get out of it soon...

    Cos when ordinary gals are sad, they moan
    When princess is sad, the rest mourn!

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  2. I have already, RA. As I told you, I am a bloody survivor

  3. Princess, two things...

    1. Put a new post so that tht picture disappears down the bottom of my screen. I wudnt wanna picturise the princess in that mood...

    2. Dont degrade urself by thinkin u r a survivor. Princesses live life, not juz survive!

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  4. Anonymous Says:


    i dont want to be bringing back memories just when u've buried them. but i chanced upon ur blog and could feel the pain in this post. i just wanted to tell u that i've been there too. and however difficult it is, hang on. when you get past this, you'll realize you've grown as a person, and you will be able to face the tough memories as well as you do the pleasant ones. be strong. try not to hold any bitterness, coz, the sooner you let go of ur hurts, the sooner u'll heal.
    all the best!
    wishing you peace.

  5. Thank you anonymous. I promise,I am over it and definitely feel much stronger.Thank you for the time and thought.