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Last night I had two options - a.Die out of boredom b.Live through it
Thats when A and I decided to watch a movie...

Pradeep Sarkars Parineeta is a movie based on Bengali Writer SarathChandra's novel. Set in 1962 the story revolves around Shekar(Saif Ali Khan) and Lolita (Vidya Balan). The two of them who have been together since childhood,share a natural but unacknowledged love that develops into almost a right over each other. Their separation and re-union form the rest of the drama.

Must notice:The jealousy that springs in Lolita when Shekar speaks of Gayathri (Dia Mirza in her miserable best) and the anger that drowns him when she leaves with Girish (Sanjay Dutt);the most realistic peices of the movie.

The lead characters press their stamp on the screen and the supporting artistes drown in insignificance. Saif is solid throughout and he is well complemented on -screen by Vidya Balan whose debut performance is non-choking and applaudable. Sabyasachi Chakraborty (Shekars father) as a mindless businessman barely manages to create an impact.Despite her eternal beauty and charm it is disheartening to watch Rekha in her club-dancer-guest role!

In what could be called a successful and subtle in-film placement,Cadbury and Saridon manage to reach their audience subliminally...and one walks out of the theatre humming the melodious Piyu Bole...piyu bole..lalala...lalala..

At the end of two hours (the movie seems to have been playing for half a day)two questions remain unanswered...
1)Why did "1962" appear on shot 1 when the movie is remotely close to tht period
2)What was the director thinking when he asked Saif to break the wall in the climax when a blasted gate was near by?

Bottomline:- For a debut movie it isnt bad. and if Q were here he would have said not bad at all.

PS:-It is better to watch this movie than to die of boredom
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  1. Vasanth Says:

    thanks for the review dee... dint find time to see that... lemme book tickets...

    well this week end home sweet home !!!!!

  2. ThoughtPaisa Says:

    Btw .. where s ur half Blood review.

    i now have access
    coz my bil got it for my sis,

  3. Dei Mama
    You should see this movie atleast for the sake of my review... and gr8 to know u will be home... i know the feeling...

  4. TP,
    I thought i would lose my loyalist RA if i wrote a single word on HBP...thats why.. but now that u have asked for it, it will be up soon...

  5. maveric Says:

    plzzzzz not on hp, ne thing but tat,7 in every 10 post i read r abt hp n abt the book tat got realised jus now......

  6. well..then..HP it is!! :D
    chk it out hermy rao..
    timepass ke liye..coz when boredom drives u to analyse lolitas spiritual significance..sumthing needs to be done..hehe..
    oh,but the movie was timepass..not too bad..but not really the kind ud wanna see again and again..u dint mention sanjay dutt..not a very amazing role..but he suited the role..

  7. @maveric
    alright! prob a diff kind of post... i will try but i already promised TP!

  8. @don
    I checked out the link seeing ur scrap on ashs scrapbook! whatever the reasons i wud like to believe good ole D is not dead... I, for my own reasons believe so...

    and as for sanjay dutt --one feels pukey seeing his drunken eyes..nevertheless he suited the role as u said!

  9. HBP....(nervous me shaking all over!) - And actually, I dint know u refrained till now cos of me. I feel extremely honoured !!! Thanks a lot, now u can go ahead with the HBP slot..

    Though whether i will comment on that one is doubtful :P

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  10. im dying of boredom.. maybe i shud check out the movie :)

  11. nandini Says:

    I asked the same question when I saw the wall scene!

  12. maveric Says:

    seri ,but dont blog abt the new book plzzzzz.....u know wat, wen i read al the posts it kinda covers the entire the story.....

  13. ThoughtPaisa Says:

    talkign abt subtle advt. do u think Nokia 'placed' themselves in Anniyan or was it a coincidence

  14. Nice blog and a pretty useful review. Check my blog out whenever symbi gives you the time:
    And oh, if you are wondering how I know you are in Symbi, I am Anushya's brother.

  15. No RA --- Not if u wont comment. I wont.

  16. Yeah FMOP--- its a much better option than to die / kill oneself coz of boredom..take my will both laugh and cry for this movie... laugh at the way everyone goes "Thod Shekar Thod!" and cry coz this guy leaves his brains behind and starts breaking a cement wall when a blasted black gate is right next to him...and then ofcourse the movie will be over andu will be back to getting bored..hehe..i will stop here!

  17. @Nandi --- i was thinking of you when i was watching anniyan and u know why...and then i read ur blog and didnt wanna mention it..but nevertheless...

  18. @maveric-- chill dude, i have already dropped the idea of a HBP review!

  19. @TP --- I believe Nokia paid these guys money, royal money to get placed like dat..thats what i heard..unless shankar had this weird fancy for the brand... if you notice Knorr also got conveniently got placed, with Vivek flashing his yellow baniyan onscreen...

  20. @AR--- i wasnt wondering..i knew it when you commented on paparazzi's...and if it will make a difference, anu did an extremely cute presentation today!

  21. haha..funny that u have to mention another person as AR... Thanks for the midnight masala...

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  22. @RA --- Sorry RA. Sorry. Really.