Aishwarya Rao

Google Talk was launched today. Or thats what Mr.Desai was telling me, sitting right next to me in the comp lab...pan to right, me on google talk home page, downloading the Google IM. And Mr.Desai says "Not bad ah..upto date is it..." Me beeming. For anyone who knows Mr.Desai, you know what it is to invite that. No, it is not that he is ungenerous (yes, that is a word!) with compliments..Just that he knows completely what he knows and a compliment is definitely more than a compliment coming from him!!!

The point being Google IM rocks. And i, by virtue of having downloaded it on day one, come under the category of early adopters!!!

Let Google rock and the search continue. (You listening RA)
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  1. Brilliant my computer Savvy Gal but I bet half the world went on google and searched for Google Talk to download the IM only to find out that there is everything about it except a bloody link for the same.
    Thats the link guys enjoy.
    Google talk has a long way to go, VOIP et all.

  2. I prob downloaded it even before u did princess :) Im rockin n rollin on tht. I dun like a lot of things ther. I was commenting to my friend Bala that I wud have probably done the same thing in under 2 days :P

    Another reason for Google to hire me is that its also built using .Net i guess ;)

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  3. But not to mention I see the potential to improve there. And yeah, I do love the gmail notifier they have :) I hate the inflexibility, it shows me as random and I hate it :(( Nothing like Random Access!

    And yeah, my better half has it too, but sadly not able to talk much from office :(

    PS: Google Desktop sucks bigtime. Thats a blady waste of space, even in my bloated up Hard disk :P

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  4. Google Talk is amazing. It's a no frills bloody smileys and audibles and IMvironments. The voice clarity is just amazing. Yo Google! Keep screwing MSN and Yahoo!

  5. @akshay
    I know its damn cool... i do love these google and its notifier, and orkut if i am not mistaken....and now google im!!!

  6. @RA
    "I prob downloaded it even before u did princess :) "
    --- but cant i take pride in the fact that i did it on the first day to.. where is thr right of expression , Article 19, 1 (A)?!!
    Whats with you and your new friend bond?!!!

  7. Pardon my poor soul, o my dear princess :) I never will say anythin against ur right of expressionaire du excellence! the last line juz kinda compelled me into it ;) Btw, whts with bond? nuthin much except tht we hav sum disagreements over how scarlet shud be adored ;)

    Ofcourse if n when he writes a poem, he will win...hihi

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  8. Vasanth Says:

    ippo than i down loaded.. yet to get a feel.. but no ids know to chat :-(

  9. mama, add me ... its

  10. add pannavangalukku no reply :P

    Random Access
    The search has just begun !!!

  11. Prahalathan Says:

    Google Search
    and now Google Talk....

    Google simply Rocks...

  12. sorry to talk sucks...well thats what i can use in the lab...and i hate it...:((

  13. Anonymous Says:

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