Aishwarya Rao
Have my internship presentation in precisely 4 and 1/2 hours. If the blasted internship wasnt enough, now i have to make a presentation on it! I am not scared. Just like every other goddamned audience-addressing session---i am fuckin hungry. and i cant believe i am gonna starve myself till it gets over. (so much for policy decisions and sentimenatl crap!) I am going first on stage and i am not particularly pleased with it. (TP, u know why!) As of now i am willing myself to relax and starve and get over with it.
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  1. Vasanth Says:

    hey... guess by now the internship thingie would have been over ??? was it in your favor ??

  2. haha..ensoy...hope u blasted the competition..mmm, i also have tht senti of not eating until somethin works..juz tht sometimes it takes upto 36 hrs :P

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  3. priya Says:

    I m going to go thru an entire saga on presentations starting this friday ( my p.g course begins then ) :( imgonna be sailing in ur boat.. soon.. :((((

  4. @Mama
    The blasted thing never happened. Got cancelled. Have it tom again!

  5. @RA (With due apologies for using two letter initials for anyone except ur honor!)

    i know i know...generally these debates and blahs are in the mornings, so i happily skip food, be sentimental and crap and succeed..but yest i starved for no joy..the damned presentations got cancelled!!!

  6. @priya
    -- u r the one in bcom day if i am not mistaken... hhehe welcome to the hard realities of life...

  7. maveric Says:

    presentation without eating is outa question......i guess its enough if ppl hear wat i blabber rather than wat my stomach blabbers.......;)

  8. maveric, a scientific fact..

    You can only hear your stomach one else can...! This is due to a direct connection between ur oesophagus and the back end of ur ear drum...

    And the way u put @ makes me laff.. somethin like "ennada periya kombu molachirka"

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    The search has just begun !!!

  9. Anonymous Says:

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