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Anyone who has tried the traffic of Nungambakkam High Road, the above is a refreshing sight. A thoughtful work of celebrated photographer Sharad Haksar (winner of Cannes Silver Lion 2005). What is sad is Coca- Cola, the cool one, has sued him for a 2 million rupees for "incalculable damage to the goodwill and reputation" of the brand and hehe, has sought an apology in writing. Worse it has demanded an unconditional and immediate replacement of the hoarding.

Haksar(who is from chennai) however has gloriously declared that he has no intention of giving an apology.A careful look and his ,website must-see) warns ---
"The pictures in this website are solely an expression of art, creativity and skill. The intension is not to demean, derogate or defame any person or thing. Any allusion to this effect is wholly unintentional. Some pictures may carry a logo that belongs to others. However, there is no intention to claim any right, copyright or benefit from the same. This work is solely an expression of creativity."

Nevertheless, looks like some serious trouble for one of them.
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  1. hihi, good one...

    typical market-driven capital economy...

    learnt to spend when u dont have enuf for the next meal and the country will improve !

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  2. hey how come the time shows 4 hrs behind my current time when India is only 2.5 hrs behind??

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    The search has just begun !!! (enakku oru unmai therinjaganum)

  3. I was damn impressed indeed! What a photographer. Dwelling so much on beautiful ironies, he does however falter when it comes to women :P

    My fav: "Unakku enna kombu molachirka?" pic with a clip and 2 molagais!

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    The search has just begun !!!

  4. he he funny one :D

  5. db Says:

    is the hoarding still there or gone?

  6. @wacko
    i am not sure...the last time i went there a week ago, it was still there.

  7. jesus,im with haksar.if he has too much of a problem with the law,tell him the Don will help out.
    amazing find

  8. Anonymous Says:

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