Aishwarya Rao

A smooth romantic comedy.Well made.Makes you feel light after the entire thing is over. Doesnt push you to the edge of your seat...A mild story that takes you on a long walk and brings you back home...Will Smith is charming to the truest sense of that word and sweeps you off your feet with nothing more than natural charisma...and whats more he is a date doctor...oooooo...and it cant be anything but enjoyable to watch it with Q---- well i would have written better if not for the crushing feeling caused due to hotmail deleting all my mails! and that too all my mails from Q!!! I want to bury myself along with Tutakhamen, but then i heard he is there no more...  Posted by Picasa
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  1. hehe..i loved hitch too..and smith reminds me of sumone i know!
    and huh?hotmail deleted "all" mails??tat must havin a 2nd mind now to backup my mails on my comp now..
    chuck it..ask Q to recite what all he wuda writen to u over the months..years wateva..hes here no..! sure tat'd make anyone feel much better!!

  2. Vasanth Says:

    well ippo dhan downloading from lime wire... review would follow..

  3. Its a can watch movie. Ofcourse, it wud make a world of diff to watch any movie with someone spl ;) I know hotmail sux..been thru it before.. u shud get stuck with gmail..!

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  4. db Says:

    Q is ur boyfrend kya?... hehehe...

  5. @vasanth -- paaru paaru --- my next review is anniyan!

  6. @wacko- somethings are better left unanswered...

  7. @random-- i shifted to gmail long ago..but those mails in hotmail were over an year old...kammanatti pasanga...

  8. @don - dont have two minds and all.. just create a backup..its worth the trouble...shani..felt horrible when my inbox read 0 (0)...

  9. hmm, i know ejjatly how u feel princess...anywayz, i guess the future is more exciting than the past, so be careful from now on...keep the future safely locked up ;)

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  10. @RA
    Qe sera sera
    Whatever will be will be
    The future is not ours to see
    Qe sera sera
    Whatever will be will be!

    Dunno why i was reminded of this...umm..on second thoughts i think i know why..but never mind.. whatever

  11. i wanna see more of your texts. its
    interesting..whisper to me anytime sweetie..

  12. Future is always exciting..cos when u come to Future, it becomes Present, and even then Future is good :)

    The same eternal optimism that characterises Tomorrow Never Dies.. not the movie ofcourse :P

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    The search has just begun !!!

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