Aishwarya Rao
This page is not a promise of any magic. It is most definitely not a window to my world. I am not an open book and I am still confident i cant write. But I want to write more. Make this page look stronger...unlike its present naked look... i will..soon enough... coz if this page is my reflection... i so dont want it to look naked...i cant give it away...i need to dress it up. with words. only words. For as i told you i can write no more that words, simple words and this page is not a promise of any magic.
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  1. anoop Says:

    You may not be a open book now, but Im sure "a person" - an intelligent one, would be able to "open the book and read it too", if he goes through all your posts one after the other, right from the beginning...
    Almost all bloggers start blogging by telling this to themselves - "that there is a very clear line between what they write and what is personal, emotional, prejudiced opinions..." Either this clarity is not there right from the beginning or they lose it somewhere down the line....
    Im not being judgemental when I ramble about all these things. Just read a few of your posts here and there, came to the initial few posts and read about your claims of "not being a open book and this blog not being a window to your world"..