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My colleagues in the lab were tripping over past life analysis offered by

And here is what they had to say-
Your past life diagnosis:
I don't know how you feel about it, but you were male in your last earthly incarnation.
You were born somewhere in the territory of modern Quebec around the year 700.
Your profession was that of a shepherd, horseman or forester.

Your brief psychological profile in your past life:
Person with huge energy, good in planning and supervising. If you were just garbage-man, you were chief garbage-man. (Read if you are the placement coordinator, you are PR placement coordinator!)

I tried out a couple of friends' and i must say our present life has some amazing resemblance to our past!!
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Reminded of Thomas Carlyle's quote 'Make yourself an honest man, and then you may be sure there is one less rascal in the world'. I am amazed how easy it is for people to be insincere to themselves.

PS:-Is it me or is it the world?! Haven't been unable to find an answer to this.
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It doesnt matter if there is a four and a half hour train long as it means coming home...looking at sis jump while opening her presents, eating rasam sadam, vengaya sambhar sadam combined with vendakai, listening to all the family and non-family gossip, clicking pictures of mama, while he burst crackers, shopping for new clothes, fussing about eating sweets, watching sun tv and padayappa...sleeping till 10 a.m,eating aloo chaat at gangotree, feeling at home in spencer plaza, the unavoidable fights, the consequent noise (you cant figure whether its the crackers outside or inside!)and a treatment that only a princess deserves and gets... Diwali or not, coming home is but a celebration!
PS: My next blog will cry about how i have to go back to the project and assignment deadlines...aiyo...why cant life be a long diwali vacation...and if it is you know what i will be saying... i cant handle the free time, so i start brushing my teeth! (Don if you are there, i can see you smiling)
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Sitaron me le chalu...
Alumni Meet 2005
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When Indian courts are still dealing with defamation in traditional media, a new form - web defamation (through Blogs) seems to have taken the blogworld by storm (despite the fact that traditional media has been extremely sluggish in carrying this war to the masses and is busy writing snippets on who committed suicide where).

The IIPM Vs Bloggers case prompted me to prepare my defense for blogger Gaurav Sabnis. Here is my case

Getting the Basics Right
The Indian Constitution guarantees freedom of speech to every citizen of the country. Article 19 of the Indian constitution states that all citizens have the right to freedom of speech and expression. This means that every citizen of the country is free to criticize anything from films, religion, politics, government, bureaucracy to even politicians. Free speech is also protected by Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
(The legal cell of IIPM headed by Mr. A. Saxena, could have bothered to clarify this before threatening to sue Gaurav)

What can IIPM sue Gaurav for?
When Saxena says
This notice is with respect to your releasing totally false articles about IIPM on the website (reference that has your clear reference and that has been released by you with proven deliberate and fraudulent intentions to harm the image of IIPM and related businesses. The articles have caused unfathomable damage to the reputation of IIPM and to its various operational areas. The articles further have affected innumerable future operations of IIPM” , he is struggling to tell Gaurav that he might sue him for defamation and specifically for libel.

Before we proceed let us understand both the terms in question.
Defamation is an "attack" on the reputation of a person (Here a company or a corporation is also treated like a natural person). It is called libel if it is in writing and is known as slander if it is spoken (or any temporary form).
Section 499 of the Indian Penal Code defines Defamation as under – Whoever by words, either spoken or intended to be read, or by signs or by visible representations, makes or publishes any imputation concerning any person intending to harm, or knowing or having reason to believe that such imputation will harm, the reputation of such person, is said except in specified cases, to defame the person.
It is not enough just to know the definition of defamation.It is imperative to know that under the Indian Constitution the law of defamation has been framed only to prevent a person from indulging in unnecessary or unwarranted or false criticism rising possibly out of malice or personal vendetta and thereby laying down standards of speech and writing.

This implies that Gaurav cannot be held for defamation because
1.He didn’t not falsely criticize IIPM. His opinions were based on facts contained in the article published by JAM Magazine. In blog defamation settlements abroad it has been held that if a blogger links to defamatory content, the blogger cannot be ordinarily held liable for defamation.2. He had no malice or personal vendetta against Arindam or IIPM

Secondly Gaurav if sued can be sued for libel.
Libel is
1.Publication of a false and defamatory statement tending to injure the reputation of another person without justification or excuse; -
Gaurav can’t be held for defamation under this clause since his first post itself is linked to the article in JAM Magazine
2.In some permanent form e.g. written, printed, pictures, statue, waxwork, effigy, caricature, signs or picture marks on walls;
Again this doesn’t explicitly include blogs, though this rule can be applicable.
3.Under (English) Law, is both a civil & criminal wrong;
4.Is by itself, an infringement of the right to reputation and no actual damage need be proved. I am assuming that the IIPM legal team noticed just this when they say ‘Even though the damage caused by your deliberate and fraudulent intentions cannot be calculated…’

Thirdly the Indian Penal code, in the clause specifying Defamation of a Company/Corporation contains that the defamation shall be
–Not actionable per se, if the statement in question refers to the personal character or reputation of its officers. That is Gaurav cannot be sued for comparing Arindam to Parnab Mukherjee.Now that the case has been clearly stated, let us see the three defences that Gaurav has.

Justification by truth
·The principle behind this defence is that the law will not permit a man to recover damages in respect of an injury for character, which either he does not, or ought not to possess

Fair and bonafide comment
·A fair and bona fide statement in matters of public interest (for example, pertaining to books, pictures, theaters, concerts, local authorities etc.) will not constitute a libel.
Since Gaurav has posted his blog in good intention in order to protect the future of several MBA aspirants, he shall be rightfully defended for making a fair statement in public interest.
·The term "fair" in this context means that it must be honest and relevant to the context but not tainted with malice
·The comment must be based on true facts, though they may be slightly exaggerated

Qualified Privilege - which is available to a speaker for communication made in the course of legal/social/moral duty, for self—protection, for protection of common interest and for public good; reports of Parliamentary and judicial proceedings and proceedings at public meetings

Last word
I cannot express in those many words the disgust I feel for IIPM. With my arguments, I just want to reiterate that everyone has a right to disagree, oppose, vary in opinion and criticize an injustice. So dear Gaurav, of course IIPM can go ahead and sue you. But they 'll lose.
In case they file a suit,simply countersue them for costs and legal fees.
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This Brazilian guy is the winner of the "Most Beautiful Man on Earth" contest!
(As A says - God is definitely seductively unfair!)

Look what my today's horoscope says:"You will see someone new, who you are very attracted to, but are not sure how to make the first move"
How will I make the first move when I dont know where on earth he is!!
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I have been. Torn apart. Shaken. Slapped by a storm.
The walls of love, trust and faith have crumbled.For the past week, I have been in a permanent state of shock and disbelief.The sharp sense of emptiness pricks. It pokes with an almost cynical sense of glee. It feels like a hundred dementors are dancing inside my head. Even in that dazed state, I can feel the disappointment and disgust.Nearly sympathy for myself...But there is a faint smile on the side of my lips. There is a burning desire to fight the storm. To slap it back with strength. To spit the white lava it is rushing in my throat.To shut the windows and carry on. Not to hide myself. But to prepare for the violent collision that is to be. To prepare to kick it on its face and revel in its pain.To show that important letter in my life, that I am but a survivor...and not a kind one at that
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Yet another biggie from Yash Raj Films, Salaam Namaste is a daring romantic comedy well directed by debutante Siddharth Anand.
The movie is about two Indians (conveniently)settled in Australia, far away from their families, their meeting, the easy and difficult parts of their relationship and its culmination into marriage.
Nikhil Arora(Nick- played by Saif(the Hot & Funny)Khan) is the head chef of a restaurant and Ambar(Amby-played by Preity) is a RJ at Salaam Namaste.

Beginning at the typical girl-hate-boy, boy-hate-girl step(broadcasted shamelessly over the radio!), the two dive quickly into a 'live-in'. (They decide to move into the same house, but into different rooms, i assume only not to give the Indian crowd a blasted heart-attack in the very beginning.)Javed Jafferey who is now introduced as the two's landlord could have been completely done away with, for he removes the precious pace of the movie, and is remotely funny.

Parallely the party is on, with cool music, cool clothes. Sex is in the air, there is a juicy French kiss on screen, one always leads to another and holy heavens by interval time Amby gets pregnant! While Nick is not ready for marriage, let alone babies, Amby is firm about not having an abortion. It is in these places the director has boldly addressed the issues of love, relationships and commitments.

The second (and the slower) half of the movie has Amby sprawling on the screen with an ugly (football loaded)tummy and Nick shuttling between love-hate of parentage. There are insignificant scenes of other men and women in the two's lives (trying to add some masala). Persuaded by touching accounts of parentage by the people he meets, Nick finally proposes to Amby. In a ridiculous climax set in a hospital (Abishek Bachan cameos as a retard doctor), the two marry and moments later have a pair of twins (with head full of hair) and all seems to be well with the world.
Not to forget, throughout the movie, Nick is well supported by his best friend Ron (a mentionable performance by Arshad Warsi).

My favourites:
1.The entire idea of role reversals. The guy loves cooking and the girl is a rj. As a friend mentioned, The guy is seen wearing pink, the girl wears blues. The guy is particular about cleanliness, the girl rides the bike. While sailing, the girl is in front and the guy sits behind. He cries in a movie, she doesn’t.
2.Amby moaning on screen when she finally tastes Ben & Jerry's Belgian Dark Chocolate Ice-cream
3.Saif's cool and carry-you-along performance
4.Making-of-the-movie shots at the end of the movie
5.Amby as the radio jockey

I hated:
1. The loaded tummy of Amby and (oh the baby is kicking scenes!)

My take: The refreshing storyline shadows the rest of the ridiculous elements.
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Last evening I was expecting an important overseas call (from you know who)and in order to stay awake to recieve the call( you know na, they come at a weird time of the night!)I decided to indulge in a simcians favourite pastime -watch a movie.
Sense and Sensibility(1995) to say the least is a lovely movie(No i am not attempting a review here).

Hugh Grant(Edward Fressars) is extraordinarily handsome (when has he not been? in Notting Hill he is blastedly adorable...)and i was jumping on the bed (in almost an orgasmic fashion)when I saw Alan Rickman (Colonel Brandon)(also Severus Snape in the famous Harry Potter series).Such refined acting, giving exactly what the character requires and nothing more. Kate Winslet(Marianne)chokes and irritates the audience (good for her if that is what she is expected to be doing!). Emma Thompson(Elinor),however boring, has done a neat screenplay (and has deservedly won the oscar for the same).

I havent read Jane Austen's novel upon which this movie is based. So I am not sure, but the dialogues were refreshingly tart.
Some of my favourites:
Marianne to her mother:Can a soul be really satisfied with such polite affections?To love is to burn- to be on fire...
Edward to Elinor:She's heading an expedition to China shortly. I'm to go as her servant. But only on the understanding that I am to be very badly treated.

Elinor:Marianne, you must change or you will catch a cold
Marianne:What care I for colds when there is such a man?

Colonel Brandon to Elinor:Give me an occupation, Miss Dashwood, or I shall run mad.(Thats like me when there are no classes to attend)

Marianne:Neither of us have anything to tell. I because I conceal nothing and you because you communicate nothing.

And my favouritest-Mrs.Dashwood:If you can't think of anything appropriate to say you will please restrict your remarks to the weather
Well thats as much as i can communicate. Now off to library. Maharashtra Herald, here I come.
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It has been my intention to blog a single post a day (atleast to regain my rightful title..) but it has been extremely difficult with classes scheduled back to back.

For example: We had a media planning workshop for the past two days. A heavy duty one, but a very enlightening one at that. Simple concepts that have been hitherto jargonized were de-mystifyed by two people;Ashish Williams and Pankaj Bhawrani from MindShare(one of the largest global media agency networks). I loved the two days, the way the men conducted the sessions, their ability to communicate in common man's language and their passion to share their subjects. Good stuff man. And all you people reading this must check out Axe Unlimited Academies(an out of the box promotion idea!!!)You have to check this out, if not for anything else, the way the website has been made!

It is somewhere here that I am glad that I came to SIMC. It is not an extraordinary feeling to be here (for reasons I dont want to get into, for it is going to be yet another cribbing session!) but atleast the exposure has been substantial, both personally and otherwise. This place might not be 'the' place to be in, but I have learnt innumerable things. Even while I am writing this I wonder if I am trying to convince myself, probably, sub-consciously but I don’t want to deny the value-additions this place has given me.

After all, its a beautiful life!
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The timeframe has frozen. I am stunned and as a consequence, LOST.
I am baffled by the very universe I belong to. I am scared I am not anymore, myself. What is myself? Who is myself? . I am scared that the things i have lost are irretrievable...The air is suffocating. I am beginning to decelerate. This hasn’t happened before. And I have a good feeling it is not because of the two-day heavy-duty media-planning workshop. Then what is it?
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Google Talk was launched today. Or thats what Mr.Desai was telling me, sitting right next to me in the comp lab...pan to right, me on google talk home page, downloading the Google IM. And Mr.Desai says "Not bad ah..upto date is it..." Me beeming. For anyone who knows Mr.Desai, you know what it is to invite that. No, it is not that he is ungenerous (yes, that is a word!) with compliments..Just that he knows completely what he knows and a compliment is definitely more than a compliment coming from him!!!

The point being Google IM rocks. And i, by virtue of having downloaded it on day one, come under the category of early adopters!!!

Let Google rock and the search continue. (You listening RA)
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Have my internship presentation in precisely 4 and 1/2 hours. If the blasted internship wasnt enough, now i have to make a presentation on it! I am not scared. Just like every other goddamned audience-addressing session---i am fuckin hungry. and i cant believe i am gonna starve myself till it gets over. (so much for policy decisions and sentimenatl crap!) I am going first on stage and i am not particularly pleased with it. (TP, u know why!) As of now i am willing myself to relax and starve and get over with it.
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Last night I had two options - a.Die out of boredom b.Live through it
Thats when A and I decided to watch a movie...

Pradeep Sarkars Parineeta is a movie based on Bengali Writer SarathChandra's novel. Set in 1962 the story revolves around Shekar(Saif Ali Khan) and Lolita (Vidya Balan). The two of them who have been together since childhood,share a natural but unacknowledged love that develops into almost a right over each other. Their separation and re-union form the rest of the drama.

Must notice:The jealousy that springs in Lolita when Shekar speaks of Gayathri (Dia Mirza in her miserable best) and the anger that drowns him when she leaves with Girish (Sanjay Dutt);the most realistic peices of the movie.

The lead characters press their stamp on the screen and the supporting artistes drown in insignificance. Saif is solid throughout and he is well complemented on -screen by Vidya Balan whose debut performance is non-choking and applaudable. Sabyasachi Chakraborty (Shekars father) as a mindless businessman barely manages to create an impact.Despite her eternal beauty and charm it is disheartening to watch Rekha in her club-dancer-guest role!

In what could be called a successful and subtle in-film placement,Cadbury and Saridon manage to reach their audience subliminally...and one walks out of the theatre humming the melodious Piyu Bole...piyu bole..lalala...lalala..

At the end of two hours (the movie seems to have been playing for half a day)two questions remain unanswered...
1)Why did "1962" appear on shot 1 when the movie is remotely close to tht period
2)What was the director thinking when he asked Saif to break the wall in the climax when a blasted gate was near by?

Bottomline:- For a debut movie it isnt bad. and if Q were here he would have said not bad at all.

PS:-It is better to watch this movie than to die of boredom
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A smooth romantic comedy.Well made.Makes you feel light after the entire thing is over. Doesnt push you to the edge of your seat...A mild story that takes you on a long walk and brings you back home...Will Smith is charming to the truest sense of that word and sweeps you off your feet with nothing more than natural charisma...and whats more he is a date doctor...oooooo...and it cant be anything but enjoyable to watch it with Q---- well i would have written better if not for the crushing feeling caused due to hotmail deleting all my mails! and that too all my mails from Q!!! I want to bury myself along with Tutakhamen, but then i heard he is there no more...  Posted by Picasa
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This is one of those moments when your mind races your typing speed. Thoughts rush like an army of soldiers and choke your brain. There is a stupid sensation in the middle of your throat and your eyes are bulging out like an egg about to burst open any time now. You want to hide inside your own self and cry aloud. Tears are pushed out by the raging mind as a mark of ultimate pity on your stupid self. The silence is screaming in your ears and all you wish to do is give in to the pain tearing your insides, littering your memories into the abyss. The cruelty of what is real makes you shudder and your self is consumed by the smell of your saliva. And then you want it all to end. The ultimate realization that everything till this moment has been a stupid animated dream, yes only a dream like all others and you are to this world nothing but a mere number.

Often statements that people make instantly are the ones that speak their mind. And more often you will pay your lifetimes savings not to hear them. Words and phrases that hammer into your mind, in a matter of seconds, how inconsequential you are to life in this world. How you aren't half an inch indispensable as you thought you were. Not even to the most special person in your life. And at that broken moment it comes crashing upon your thick brain that you are but alone. The nakedness of the moment might hurt but at least this time it isn�t an illusion. You, lady are here for your own good self. To love yourself and leave anything that hurts your body and mind is your duty. You will be disappointed only when you fight the order. You will hurt yourself each time you make a sacrifice for a body other than your own. You will commit a sin when you love a mind other than your own. You will perish into nothingness when that body turns around, stares in your eyes and spits on your face. Remember, you are your own armor. In the words of the mortal kind, you are your best friend.

Ouch! It hurts. Those words make me twitch. And an ugly feeling washes my entire system. I feel immobile. Paralyzed by ugly memories. Two of them. Once, when my best friend lost me for no reason, next when I lost my best friend- again for no reason. And it is difficult for me to believe I survived. Survived the nakedness. The loss of an armor I thought was eternal. The numbness of life minutes after I was torn apart. The taste of metal inside the closed walls of my mind. Smiles of my news enemies that taunted my tears. Their presence in my life, long after I was dead. Their spirits that haunted the abandoned graves of blind faith and innocent trust. And their memories transformed into dementors sucking me of all the happiness each time they glided into my mind...But I continued. Bravely. Carried on like a ghost untouched by the shots of a mortal gun. Trusting again. Turning a blind eye to the shadows behind the screens� denying the order for the hundredth time. I embraced the happy moments from my memories. Welcomed the ghosts of the past into my world, unknowingly preparing myself for a second death. Now I am too much into the water to get back to the shore. To restart the system. Too scared to break free because I am used to the dungeons now. Too weak to cut the rope. But there is a thought and the end is not far away.

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Anyone who has tried the traffic of Nungambakkam High Road, the above is a refreshing sight. A thoughtful work of celebrated photographer Sharad Haksar (winner of Cannes Silver Lion 2005). What is sad is Coca- Cola, the cool one, has sued him for a 2 million rupees for "incalculable damage to the goodwill and reputation" of the brand and hehe, has sought an apology in writing. Worse it has demanded an unconditional and immediate replacement of the hoarding.

Haksar(who is from chennai) however has gloriously declared that he has no intention of giving an apology.A careful look and his ,website must-see) warns ---
"The pictures in this website are solely an expression of art, creativity and skill. The intension is not to demean, derogate or defame any person or thing. Any allusion to this effect is wholly unintentional. Some pictures may carry a logo that belongs to others. However, there is no intention to claim any right, copyright or benefit from the same. This work is solely an expression of creativity."

Nevertheless, looks like some serious trouble for one of them.
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This page is not a promise of any magic. It is most definitely not a window to my world. I am not an open book and I am still confident i cant write. But I want to write more. Make this page look stronger...unlike its present naked look... i will..soon enough... coz if this page is my reflection... i so dont want it to look naked...i cant give it away...i need to dress it up. with words. only words. For as i told you i can write no more that words, simple words and this page is not a promise of any magic.
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Cursing myself for having been scared to blog for a year. It is auspicious to begin with a curse.